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 French Antique textiles coming from Huge Castles, Chateaus and private estates in France plus antique French accessories.


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Tex/MM51LampasSilkPr.   Gorgeous Antique French Drapes / Panels Lampas Silk and Stunning in appearance. Raspberry in colour and lined at the backside and frontsides are the finest of French Antique silk.  One panel is straight at the top and 2nd panel having minor pinch pleating and both being sun faded having the backside liners soiled  on both panels and as shown in photos. They have a cotton inner lining in addition to the backside lining. The colour is absolutely gorgeous. Measures:  1st panel:  9 ft 7 inch Tall by 4 ft 1 inch at upper & base 4 ft 1 " with straight upper

2ndPanel:   8 ft 9 inch Tall by 3 ft Wide at top with Pinch pleating and 4 ft 1 " at base.


Tex/MM50PennyCopper.   Gorgeous Antique French Drapes / Panels. Stunning Silk French Antique Panels and rich in the colour of  rich golden  Ginger having a straight header and some fringe missing in addition to the pack being lined. Each panel is sunfaded at the Vertical edge from top to bottom. There are a few spots on the fronts as well however nothing to distract their rich beauty as shown.  They remain as found and are dirty. Please see all photos as they are always part of my description.

Total of 2 gorgeous panels:  11 feet tall by 4 ft wide without fringe and Panel 2 is also 11 ft tall by 4 ft wide without fringe.    Price: $ 435.


Tex/SmRedValance#MM49.   Antique French Valance in silk and lined at back.  A small French valance however most attractive having a very rich appearance with flowers surrounding the entire piece in addition to French trimming at bottom--some missing --please see photos as they are part of my description.  This can also be used for the most beautiful projects or even pillows or lining your drawers.  Colours in rich burgundy reds and light pinks, white, beiges... A gorgeous piece of the past to treasure and use having lovely trimmings at base.

Measures:  3' wide at very upper and 4'8" Wide at Widest by 2'6" Tall without   tassels trimmings at base.  $ 255/ free shipping.

Tex/ToilePurple.   Gorgeous Antique French Toile Fabric.  This piece is beautiful having loving Angels / Cupids surrounding the interior as shown.  Please notice all my photos of the wonderful Angel / cupid figures flying upward as shown.  In addition, it has fleurs which are draping over as shown in photos.  It is lined on the opposite side in a coton fabric.  It does have holes and I showed in photos-- You are able to see the lining through the holes as shown in photos. I added tons of photos --please view all of them for your eyes to see everything.  The edges are frayed and torn and it need a good surrounding border.  This is a gorgeous charming French rarer pattern in Toile.. Perhaps you can use it for a Drape Panel, or throw, or pillows or table cover and so much more.. Circa 1800's.

Measures:  70" by 45"   Price:  585


 CopperQuilt/Tex.  Gorgeous  Antique French Quilt  Boutis Blanket Throw. This is a Beautiful Copper colour having gold green like motifs surrounding as shown and its lined with Wool which is so wonderful for warmth.  The opposite side one can also used if desired.  The sides in certain ares are open and do need to be sewed back together as the wool is shown in photos showing the openings which can be easily sewed by hand or by machine. ( The openings are on the one Side.  If one desired one can add a skirt to make longer as well. However, its a nice thick French Quilt to Treasure yet so useful even for a throw while watching your favorite movie. Other then the side being open to see all the wool.. this remains in Beautiful condition for its age.  The Motifs are Beautiful figures of Counting Scenes.

Measures:          75" by 52"       Price; $ 435


Tex.Moire.5pc. set # Gr.Moire 22.....    Antique French Moiré Celery Green Panels, having 3 matching valances.  These are so beautiful in addition to the gorgeous soft celery green.  The pair if French Moiré Panels are lined at the backsides with minor small holes however not shown when they would be up on your window.. The matching 3 valances do not having linings.  The upper panels having a draw string as shown making they easier to hang.  The Fabric is stunning and remains in wonderful clean condition other then one minor/small spot I saw on one.

 Measures:1st panel:  9 feet 4 inch tall and top and bottom are even being 4 feet.

2nd Panel is slight taller then the first panel in approx. another inch taller..

 The 2 matching valances as shown: 28" tall by 39" wide     and the last valance is: 38" tall by 28" wide...         ON HOLD

Pg.Tex.QuiltRedscalloped.   Antique French Quilt  Boutis with scalloped edges.  This is a stunning Antique Quilt and certainly a beauty in everyway possible.  The colour is a very rich red having scalloped edge as shown and certainly shows up gorgeous in any room... The front side has a design in stitching as shown making it a showpiece.  The size is smaller but certainly so comfortable and soft and so warm for one's body to cuddle up on those chilly days.  This is very minor but I will mention it .. when you view this you will see very tiny/minor specs on the red colour silk which is the inside wool coming through.. I believe due to the fineness of the silk... but its nothing and I wanted to mention it so you realize when you receive it...and view it online here.  The silk used is so soft and the feel of this is so fluffy... and the workmanship is gorgeous having the scallops and gathering and the stitching surrounding the front... its all so beautiful...  I loved this piece myself but I didn't have anything this colour to match it with otherwise I might have kept it... its a gorgeous treasure for yourself to enjoy. Circa 1920's and certainly a well kept piece.

Measures:    63 inches by 53 inches.                Price.  $ 985.


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