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# RED.VEL.PG.1A. TEX.     Beautiful Rich Antique French Velvet in the colour of deep burgundy.  Total of 4 pcs shown and came off of a chair and can be used for anything now. The rich colour of velvet remains in good condition and would show up really nice on anything you choose to use it for.  The colour is a true deep rich gorgeous colour of burgundy.  The velvet has a texture as shown and this is another thing to admire about this antique velvet.  The one piece shown has fringe and is longer which is great. 

Measurements:   6 feet 2 inch by 1'2"    and     2 ' 7" by 2'5.5" and the 3rd piece is:   2ft 3 inch by 2 ft 6 inch...  and the 4th pc is:  2 ft 2.5 inch by 1 ft 7 inch. 

Total of 4 pieces as shown here.  gorgeous velvet with the flowing effect / or like a fur effect... as shown to the velvet..  rich in colour and texture.

Price:   $ 265.


#008 .Pg.1A Tex.   Lovely Antique French long Valance.  This is lovely and very long and remains in good condition for its age.  The opposite side having stains however they do not show on the right side as shown in my photos.  The colours are lively also and will surely give you a feeling of happiness when viewing this each day.  The side you can wrap around your rod or go straight across with this... ..  there are rings on the back side for fast hanging... and this is surely a lovely Antique French Valance to enhance any window or perhaps a bed skirt...  There are so many scallops on this its stunning when displayed..  The colours of the floral is more is similar to a  a rusty orange with the deeper rusty orange stripes.. and the background is similar to a very light beige... very light.. or deeper off white or light sand... and the wider stripes are light golden colour..

Measures:   10 feet 3 inches long by 3 ft 1 inch tall at ends and 18 inches tall in center.. at the longest scallop...

Price:   $ 325..


#BRONZEPG. 1A Tex.     Gorgeous Custom made  set of Fine silk Valances /swags.   This 4 pc set set is exquisite in appearance and the linings are wonderful  in white liner and the silk fabric on front having the long fringe----- 4 sweeping stunning  swags. 

 The silk in colour is similar to bronze orange--or as a shinning copper penny-- having a shimmer effect and then having small motifs in gold--also as shown.  The photos speak for themselves on this set.  These are  about two years old --I hope someone can find use for these beautiful swags.

Measures:  Drapes:             ON  HOLD...  LAYAWAY   


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