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Tex.GreenSilk.#MM46.     Gorgeous fine Silk French Antique Drapes Curtains with Fine Matching Antique French silk Valances and French silk Antique Swags and Matching French Silk Antique Bedspread  Circa late 1800's.  This is a Very Huge Complete Set and  the French Antique Panels are Long and wide with matching Valances and Swags. There is a total of 15 pieces in this set.   Each having numerous photos for showing details and its flaws, holes/tears and soiled, balls missing dusty/musty, stinky, faded, slits due to its age--which is only normal.  Each piece is described to the best I can see--photos are always part of my description--please make sure to click upon thumbnails to enhance photos larger for your viewing.  

Panel 1:  Many many balls are missing, Pinch Pleated top, Lined with cotton only, dirty/ripped, faded, stinky and small tacks are left at upper.   Panel 2:  Slits, rips, dusty, Most all balls mmissing, Hem is out 6-8", Lined with cotton only.   Panel 3..  Thick nice gathering top as shown having very nice hooks at top, Majority of balls missing, lined & ripped, Lined with cotton also.  Panel 4= Pretty much as the others please see photos on all panels..

  The fabric is gorgeous on this set... the Silk is of the Finest made in France in the 1800's and at one time this set adorned one of the most Gorgeous Wealthiest Nobleman Chateau however they remain in their own charm now as shown...

Mustiness seems to be on the lining of the cotton at the backs and if one were to remove this lining and add cotton sheets to the back or linen they would make them so much better...

* Total of 4 Very Tall Panels Plus, 5 Side Swag Valances Plus: 3 Swags in Addition to 1 Bedspread or Extra Piece. Plus 2 piece Silk Velvet Peach Panels.

*  4 Tall Silk French Panels:   

Panel 1.. Top 5' Bottom 6 ' Length 10 ' 5"   .... Panel 2= Top 4'11", Bottom 6' , Length 10' 3"..... Panel 3= Top 4'6", Bottom 6', Length 10'.... Panel 4 = Top 4'6", Bottom 6', Length 10' tall.

* 5 Side Swags having Peach Silk Velvet as shown:

 1st= 5.5" @ top  by 2' wide by 4'5" Tall.....   2nd Side Swag:  6" @ Top by 29" widest area by 4'5" tall.. 3rd: 6"  @ top by 21" wide by 4'8" Tall.......         4th Side Swag:  3" @ top by 19" Center by 31" tall......     5th Side Swag:  6" @ top by 23" Wide by 4'4" Tall..

* 3 Swags with Peach Silk Velvet as shown:

1st Swag:  4'10" Wide by 34" Tall this one having Peach Velvet at upper Faded and the Green Stripe Silk at bottom.....  2nd Swag:  56" ide by 4'8" wide having Green Stripe upper to lower Peach Velvet as shown........                 3rd Swag:    5' wide by 29" Tall with no Fringe. 


* 2 Peach Silk Velvet Panels: 

 1st Panel:     28" Wide at upper by 33" at base by 9 ' Tall & Hem 12" .........   2nd Velvet Peach Panel:  28" Wide at upper & ripped by 33" at Base by 9' Tall and having Hem at 12"

* 1 Silk French Bed Cover:

7' 10" Tall by 6'7" Wide..  and you will see opening on this piece as shown.. And from edge of fabric to where the slit appears is approx. 7" from edge at one side and approx. 22" from edge at other side.

I tried to describe each panel and piece in an organized manner so you can view and understand each piece.  Please write me anytime if one does not understand.  I  will gladly help you in any way. 

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#DRPPRVAL.PG.ANT.    Exquisite French Antique Drapes / curtains / panels / Valances.   These are so so Stunning in the making as well as the colours and designing. Each is matching and having ball French trimmings as shown in addition to the cord tie backs or if you prefer to tie each into bows.  The motifs of Ribbons and Bows is very popular and the most beautiful for displaying onto any window.  They would be superb inside a bathroom or small window in any room of your home.  Perhaps on ;your kitchen window or perhaps over another drape you already have.  You could also use these surrounding a table for your make up or just to fancy up one of your tables so you enjoy it more.  My small rings will not come with these.. I used these myself for a few weeks and I added these so I will remove when they are sold. The fabric remains strong and is silk and truly the most beautiful as you can tell by my huge photos. 

Measures:  38 inches wide at top and 23.5 inches wide at bottom and 37 inches tall.                     ON  HOLD...


Tex4/Velvet..   Rich Silk Velvet French antique Valances--lined at backsides..  I have a total of 6 of these French Valances.  Photos below for you to click upon. 

EACH MEASURE APPROX.  6 feet 8 inches Wide/long by 21 inches Tall.   Price:   $ 7,800    


You would have much length if you choose to use on your wall as borders.           On hold !!   

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