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#GRNOLISKPG.JM7.    French antique Silk drapes... lined at backside and a beautiful colour of olive green...  The are full and flow beautiful to the ground when hung.  I have a total of 4 of these...   they are  very nice... a great texture feel to these..    These show up much nicer as they are thick and full and the colour is much nicer in person as well. 

Total of 4 great full grand panels.  Beautiful in person.  No trimmings on these however the colour is gorgeous ... I have 5 panels on these however one can be used for cut ups or projects..  so I am not counting this when being sold.. its merely an extra panel for you.

Measures:  Each panel is approx.   9 ft Tall by 4 ft Wide.   Each Panel..            Price:   1,300          ON HOLD... 


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