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Page II  Textiles.


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Tex2FloralMM65.99      Floral Antique French pr. of Drapes  curtains having pinks, greens, mauve and beiges.  These are smelly, stained on the tops and all edges up and down and some in the drapes themselves.  Please do see all my photos to judge for yourself if you can use them or perhaps one might wish to do a tea stain on the entire piece or perhaps one can use them for a project for the winter time..  They are pleated at the upper. Perhaps one can clean in with a mild soap and steam if they prefer-- however please view all my photos... selling as is..  price is according to condition.   They are nice weight to them like a medium weight texture to ones feel so you have an idea.

Measures: Panel 1:  7'8"  Tall with a 3" hem, and base is 44.5" wide and top width is 34" wide.

                Panel2:    7" 10" Tall with 3" hem and 44.5" at bottom width and 34" at top width.              Price:  138.88  Free shipping on these in USA.

#15 B. Pg.TEX.2.  15B.    Antique French Set of Curtains /panels / drapes.  These are filled with an array of flowers in addition to the wonderful trellis basket each is held.  The fabric is tapestry and the colours are many to match much when decorating - such as muted brownish pink, greens, gold's, beiges and more.  There is a total of 4 pcs. to this set..  2 lovely panels and then 2 extra long pieces in case you wish to make a valance or perhaps make these longer for your windows... or even make some matching tie backs.  They are musty due to age which is only natural however remain just charming as shown. The antique rings are still attached to  one panel and some missing and I am leaving them on there free for the buyer what is left of the rings.  These are delightful in the right setting having the basket weave filled with flowers to brighten up anyone day.

Price:   $ 265


1st panel:   8ft 2 inch tall by 4 ft wide at top & 4 ft wide at base.

2nd panel:    8 ft 2 inch tall by 4 ft wide at top & 4 ft wide at base.

1st extra pc.  8 ft 2 inch tall by 1 ft 6 inch wide

2nd extra pc.        8 ft 2 inch tall by 1 ft 6 inch wide


JIM.PG-10. TABLACE.       A Special.. And Most difficult to come by... Antique French Table or Bed Cover.   Totally Hand Made with much consuming time.  Gorgeous French Antique and unbelievable when viewing how intricate and delicate this workmanship is.   Exquisite in every detail.  Clean and ready to display or use as a table cover/ bed cover/ wall display. 

Price:    $  885.00


#LFSCPg.18.   Gorgeous French Antique Letter Screen Holder.  This is a rarer piece thus very unique being it appears as a folding decorator table screen however when opened it reveals fine silk slots which are made to hold special letters either going out or special love letters which one cares to treasure. 

 The front appearance having bronze ormolu on corners in addition to the larger ormolu in center in which fabric can be placed with perhaps a special photo over this.. This is a rare treasure to even come by and certainly something to admire on one of your favorite tables. The interior has total of 5 letter holders made of fine silk and of course worn due to age however remain still beautiful.  The front in addition to the gorgeous bronze motifs at corners and center, has leather for the background and then the remaining folding letter screen is made of gorgeous velvet -- again worn as shown in  photos due to age however please realize this is a fine rare piece and very rare to even come by.  It is indeed a fine French antique treasure.  The antique French velvet is of the colour of bluish green in a beautiful shade as shown & the interior fine silk letter holders are in the shade of soft blue.  The upper section is totally scalloped and base having wonderful velvet covered legs for standing.  This could easily be used to place in front of a small TV to cover when you do not wish your TV to be shown. It could be used for table linen napkins as well or perhaps favorite photos.  This is certainly a special French antique you do not come by often when searching.

                                   Price:   $  785

#SY4PC.DRP.PR.TEX.   Gorgeous 4 pc. set of Antique French Drapes/ Curtains with matching Valance and matching Bed Cover or the bed cover could easily be used for a table cover.  These are just stunning in addition to the richness of the colour as well.  This is also a 4 pc. set as shown in all the photos and ready to hang.  The one panel having a marking of some sort due to age however it could be easily be folded into the flowing of the fabric and not be shown when they are actually hung on your rod. The fabric texture is a medium feeling and could easily hide the sunshine coming in through your windows.  The bed cover is most certainly a beauty as well being it could be used also for a table cover and it has a wide gorgeous ruffle at the sides as shown.  If you prefer to use as a bed cover... the top area has a place where your rolled pillows would go to make the appearance really appear elegant and keep the pillows neatly in place.  The drapes have a nice wide hem in case you need the length to take the hem out.  The Valance is just as stunning having the beauty of French antique trimmings surrounding the entire bottom of the valance. The fabric itself is more rich in appearance and gives an elegance as you can tell in all my photos being the fabric is a two tone colour and one tone is slightly lighter then the next ... as shown in photos...  they are just stunning !!!!

Panel 1: 105 inches tall (plus a 4 inch hem) by 52 inches wide
Panel 2: 105 inches tall (plus a 4 inch hem) by 52 inches wide
Valance: 86 inches wide by 12 inches tall.                  Price:  800
Bed Cover: bed cover with ruffle is for a twin size bed but would appear stunning on a table  if you did not have the twin size bed.                             


#LAPg.15.   French Antique Lace Curtain with beautiful appliqué motif of larger Angel in center in addition to added upper appliqué lace and  at sides. 

    #LACFRPg.15.   Gorgeous Antique Large French Piece of Lace.  Photos tells details o

#VELPG.REC.   Antique French Velvet Cape however selling to be used for products or making drapes / curtains or table throw or valance.  The blue colour is very rich and vibrant in colour of blue as shown.  Its lined and made well for products or perhaps a doll dress or whatever.  It has gold brass buttons and the velvet remains soft.  The lining due to age is a different colour as shown but the velvet is Silk Velvet really truly  beautiful in appearance.


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