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Page III  Textiles.

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MM48Tex3/4pc.   Outstanding Antique French Panels / Drapes in Luscious fine silk. Set includes 4 tall panels & each .having an immense amount of fine embroidery stitching throughout. There is an immense of embroidery stitching throughout and truly outstanding in details as well as workmanship. In addition these do come with their faults/flaws being they are faded as shown ripped mainly on the linings however they remain charming and truly stunning in everyway. The colour is very rich in appearance similar to  burnt poppy which stands out in any room. The immense amount of stitching is in the colour similar to beige. These are of a very fine high quality when they were made as the workmanship is superior and so much of each..  The tops are gathered uppers & all photos are part of my description. Measures:  1st: 9'4" tall by 3'3"W by 4' at base...2nd Panel: 9'5" Tall by 3'3" at upper & 3'10" at base...3rd Panel:  9'4" Tall by 3'3" Wide at top & 3'10" @ base.. 4th:  9'5" Tall, 3'3" Wide @ top by 3'10" @ base. Each Panel is shown in a row as I have tried to organized each to view all details on each... my photos represent much with flaws/rips & fading..

Panel # 2.   

Panel # 3.    

Panel # 4. 

#VAL.PG.3TEX.     Lovely very long French antique Valance.  This is lovely having all the wonderful appearance of fleurs throughout the entire antique valance.  The base is scalloped to surely make a rich appearance on any window or around any table or perhaps your fireplace.  The colour are vivid in beige, browns, reds, golden yellow and so many more as shown.  The backside is completely lined as well and this is ready to hang.  If you wish to add your own desire of trimmings to the scalloped base you may however its such a charm the way it is.  The fabric is lovely on this and the colours as well. Its a great size being long for window this length.         Measures  7 ft by 10 inches long by 40" tall.    Price:  $485


#16F.  Antique French Drape curtain with additional pair of matching valances. Each valance and large drape curtain having heavy roping at upper.  Wide panel and at bottom of it having a piece out at the bottom of the large panel...  You can easily remove this section at the bottom as someone wanted to add length to this panel so they added 3 smaller pieces to make it longer and then left out a section.. but its easy to remove by removing the stitching and then you will have it again normal... which is straight across.. but then shorter...   --see photos please.

The roping is nice on these as its the thicker French Antique roping as shown .. I added tons of photos on these so try to see all of them please.

Measures:    1 huge Curtain Panel:  10 ft 1 inch tall by 3'8" wide at upper and 7'5" wide at base.. the bottom having 3 pieces as shown to make the extra length however you can remove these by removing the stitching easy.. as you see the bottom is not all the same having this section out. 

  The added section at base to make longer measures:  6 ft 6 inches wide by 16 " tall.. you can remove the stitches to make it normal again and not have this cut out section... or you can leave it there and flow it onto your floors and no one would see it...  

           Valances:    1st Valance:  28 inches wide by 27" tall including trim  ......   2nd lance:  33 inches wide by 22 " tall including the trim.    


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