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Measures:   Total of 4 pieces... ribbons and bows. French Antique Needlepoint panels.   Circa late 1800's and gorgeous colours of blue, beige, gold, reddish-orange. yellows...  All lovely long French Antique Needlepoint pieces are great for upholstery, pillows, drape trim, projects and so much more.

 1st.   58 " tall by 8 1/4 " wide....

 2nd-- 59 " Tall by 8 1/4" wide.

3rd.    59" tall  by 8 1/4" wide  

4th.      60" Tall by 8 1/4" wide.


#23 Tassels # 23.   Antique Set of French Tassels.  These are lovely in the shade of deep burgundy and gold with beige. They are made of wool and the form of the tassels is solid wood and then covered in rich silk threads.  The upper part of the shown... having a beautiful formed bow.. hand made and made wool. There a a total of 3 Tie Backs with each tie back having 2 tassels..  These antique tassels are becoming more difficult to come by.  Tassels have threads missing due to age .. Each being tattered due to age however they each remain charming in their way. Please see my photos. 

 Total of 6 Tassels... on 3 tiebacks.  Price:  300     total


no Number.. Tassels..  Antique French Tassel Tie Backs.  Total of 3 Tie Backs... and 1 Tie back having 2 tassels...  Tattered due to age as shown in my photos.. Thick and heavy and worn ...Please see my photos...  Two are made of wool with the body of the tassel being hand carved wood and covered in silk threads and wool.  The Third Tie Back made of cotton and wool..    Odd lot...All are Different...Keep this in mind.

Total of 4 Tassels you will be receiving.    Price:  Total for all:  130.00


#HPTASHA.Pg.10.   Hand Painted French Antique Shade or Wall Hanging.  Gorgeous in details and beauty and totally hand painted with much consuming time during the making.  The colours are rich and vivid and remain in their beauty with colours of vivid pinks, blues, whites, cafe, burgundy, gray, and many more.  The hanging hooks remain on top however a few are missing as shown.  The base has wonderful French Antique Metallic Fringe for added beauty and backside is lined. this can be used for a stunning Wall Hanging like a tapestry and placed on one of your favorite poles perhaps with added tassels on each side.  Or, it could be used for a table throw or perhaps a shade on one of your smaller windows.



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