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#MM55CupidrapePg5.   Lovely Antique French Drape Panel Curtain in rich red colour with white backgroiund having Ribbons Bows and darling Cupids with Garland surrounding the entire panel. Please see photos as the very bottom is not even however you could easily cut it to your size.  The backside someone in the past sewed round circles & secured with nice cotton in which one would add string or ribbon to pull up and then this piece would appear and turn to a scalloped drape.   I do not sew however, I have seen these on windows and I believe this piece was made as such---- one would need string or ribbon to weave through these holes up and down (top to bottom I believe) and the one would pull all the strings/ribbons and the panel would become a beautiful scalloped drape./balloon drape.  Otherwise one could easily use this piece for so many projects or for lining drawers etc.

It is cut crooked at base and it goes from 10 feet 8 inches tall and then 10 feet tall where it was cut..  Due to age it does have stains.. I showed some in many photos here for viewing. The fabric is lovely and soft to the touch and could be washed gently as its a soft cotton.

 The upper width is 44 inches wide but the center is 48" wide and base also.  .  There are sets of holes surrounding the entire piece...2.5- 3 sets/prs.   of holes going across each row and going upward the entire panel.   I do hope I explained this well as its a odd piece however very beautiful in appearance.  If you prefer also to use as this is--one could also add red ribbon to each hole making each ribbon into a small bow... this would fill in the holes to become your colour of ribbon you choose to use... and you would have ribbons all over.... (Just another idea of mine)

And/or, one could use it as it is and add another red or white panel behind it then one would see through the holes another colour you choose to place behind it. (Just an idea)

 Price:  $ 235. Free shipping. In USA

Pg.5.NeedlepteSeatSet2pc.   Outstanding French 2 pc. Antique Needlepoint Set for seating.  A Gorgeous and ready to use French antique needlepoint set having magnificent time consuming workmanship and in lovely colors of black, beiges, red/orange, sand, rose, light greens and so many more in photos.  The backside is outstanding how the workmanship was done and so much of it. It was done with such intricate in each section as shown.  The one piece consisting of a gentleman figure surrounded by foliage and the matching piece being some type of foliage also. Magnificent to be used for stools, chair, table, cushion, pillow  or a Outstanding Wall display.

  Measures:  Finished is: 25.5" by 16"   Whole it is: 30 by 22"           and the other one matching is: 24.25" w by 23" Tall & Whole is: 32.75" W by 27.25" Tall.


Pg.5. 2pcFigureFrenchDogNeedleptset.       Gorgeous workmanship in this Antique French 2pc. Needlepoint set depicting a beautiful intricate workmanship figure with dog.  The colours are stunning in these 2 pieces shown.  The quality and time consuming workmanship is outstanding and each is ready to use for chair, pillow/s, table or whatever you choose as well as a gorgeous wall display.  My photos are always part of my description please see each in detail.  Black background having very deep vivid gold, poppy, sand, beiges, greens, whites, pinks, and so many more to match just about everything.  The flowers as well as the many scrolls are amazing in detail as shown also in photos.  Shown both front and backside in details to view all the time consuming intricate workmanship in this 2 pc. magnificent French Antique Needlepoint...

 Measures:  Seat Finished: 30.5" W by 27.75" Deep and Full is: 33.5" W by 29.5" Tall...   The Back finished is: 16 7/8" W by 21 " Tall and Full is 21" Wide by 26" Tall.


Pg.5PeacockThrow.  Lovely French Antique Peacock embroidery workmanship Throw.  A Beautiful large Embroidery Peacock centers this satin blue fabric throw and is surrounded with numerous flowers that circle the Peacock.  The Peacock is beautiful in addition to the wonderful colors used in this piece.  It is tattered from age as shown and faded as shown however it remains a lovely useful piece for a table throw, or a magnificent wall display, some pillows seeing you would have enough fabric to do several if you sew or even projects.  The one side is faded much more-- then the remaining and it has a hole's as shown in addition to the entire piece having about 3 holes total that I have seen.  I showed them several times for your viewing. It is lined at the backside however I could not see enough to see or photo the wonderful stitching. The gold fringe surroundings all sides with some missing as well.  It remains a unusual piece to display or use somewhere and certainly a conversation piece with the large center Peacock with his outstanding colors throughout.

Measures: 7 ft 1 inch by 5 feet 7 inch.  


#71PLS.PG.5 Tex.  Beautiful Antique French Panels / curtains / drapes.  These are beautiful and the colours are gorgeous in these having a light green background with tiny delicate flowers in gold, ginger, red etc...  the panels are made well and the upper having hand stitching on them as shown.  They are lined at the backsides and the uppers having straight tops.. the back lining is soiled but not many view the back linings when they are hung and the front looks beautiful as shown.


  1st panel   8 ft 7 inch tall by 1 foot 10 inch wide.

2nd panel:  8 ft 7 inch tall by 1 foot 10 inch wide.                   Price:  $ 350                 


#. 45..  .. photos of these French antique Panels when up on a window..   French Antique Gorgeous Silk Poppy colors similar to paprika  color drapes with 10 Valances- stunning rich color of reddish orange enhanced with beautiful French antique trim. Stunning in color & coming from French Chateau==Outstanding silk with fabulous French Drop Ball Wood & Silk Trimmings. The trimmings are exquisite on this set and very rare to find so many on one set yet being so old.  The French trimmings make a outstanding and rich appearance in this entire set.  This is a Huge Antique French Set of Drapes with many valances and difficult to find being this large of a set. 

      ANOTHER 4 Valances are :    

     ADDTIONAL 2 Valances are:      Smaller then above...   Price:  4,800  The trimmings on this set are Exceptional.


  #VL.57. French Antique Gorgeous Scalloped Valance having much quality in the workmanship.  Fabric is thick linen and filled with drop trimmings in addition to the gathered scalloped base.  The upper having cone like workmanship giving this valance a special uniqueness to enhance any window.  The colors are all gorgeous in this antique French valance having greens, pink mauve, beiges, sand, soft brown, creams --see photos please.

Measures:     5'9" wide by 19" tall plus 2.5" tassel trim                                Price:   250

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