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Pg1Tex.RaspberryDrpsM-56.     French 6 pcs. set of Antique Panels / Drapes directly from France.  This set is Magnificent and the colours are stunning to adorn any room. Exceptional French antique Silk used in the making and I am giving Free with these the attached gold round rings which are shown in photos.  They are lined at the backside having flaws and soiled due to age in addition to the front silk which have openings/holes that are also shown in photos.  They are elegant and classy and certainly quality having a very rich appearance with the stripes and colours of Rich luscious Raspberry background with beige creamy and tiny green/blue thin stripe to bring out the stripes.

There is a total of 6 grand French Antique Panels / Drapes as shown in photos. There is the additional beauty of French Antique fringe on surrounding sides shown in photos. There is some soiling-water marking on a panel which one can barely notice as I noticed it while taking photos as it blends very well with the fabric colour.. .... -These could certainly fill a room up with a glorious charming feeling. I have added numerous photos for you viewing. Please notice the holes however these are easily be folded into the drapes / panels while hanging..also notice soils as my photos are part of my description always.

Measures with flaws: Panel 1:  9 ft 4" Tall, 3' Wide at Top, 28" Wide at Base:

Panel 2:           9'7" Tall, by 3'2" Wide at top, 4 ft Wide at Base:

Panel 3:         8 ft 10" Tall by 4 ft at Base & 3'2" at top.....

Panel 4:         9' 7.5" Tall by 4 ' at base, and 3'2" at Top

Panel 5:          9 ft 7" Tall by 4 ft at base & 3'2" at top.

Panel 6:           8'9" Tall by 8' 2" Wide at base and 5' 10" Wide at top....  This panel is Huge... the widest... having approx. 9 gold French Antique rings at upper.  and lined at back as well. 1 small hole at fringe side & approx. 1/2" fringe missing... see photos please.


Pg1A/Textiles./pk/gr.      Beautiful Antique French Panels /  Curtains.  The colours are vibrant in these and each is a different size.  The uppers are gathered as shown.  They are very cheerful and would surely lighten up any room.  One panel is not lined as shown and the other panel having the original cotton backing still attached.  If you prefer to -----You can add another cotton back over this cotton batting back if you wish. It would surely then keep out all the cold and the sun in the summertime.  One panel also having an extra piece of the pink attached to the bottom of this panel.   Please see my photos of a  panel having 2 places where it appears like someone tried to cut out the flower... it is like this in 2 places... please see my hands where I showed you..    Also there is a slit.. which can be very easily sewed back up... toward the bottom in the seam area... which is very minor... Please also see the ruler where I showed this to you.   They are beautiful panels.. and when I mentioned the 2 cut out areas shown in my photos... they are near the edge... so you could easily sew them back together and one could not notice seeing they are so close to the edge.. or even yet... you could fold this in and make a hem in this area on this side.. as its very close to the edge as mentioned.   They are made of cotton having a lovely feel to them.

Price:         $ 250.                               

Measurements:   1st panel:   7 foot 6 inches tall --  44 inches wide at base -- 24 inches Wide at top... and gathered at top. Lined with cotton batting with hooks at header and a       2.5 inch split at the bottom which can be sewn.

                        2nd panel:   5 feet 9 inches tall including the pink bottom border.  Its 5 feet 3 inches tall without the pink bottom border.  It is 3 foot 5 inches wide at the top which is gathered.  And, its 7 foot 3 inches wide at the bottom... It has NO lining... it is made of 2 panels on this one... with each of the panels being 3 feet 8 inches wide.  Please see..  Also there are hooks at the header.... and this is the one with the 2 cut holes at the edge which are approx.  3 " by 2"..  each..  


Pg.1ATex/Raspb.Sk.Pr.   Gorgeous Antique French Pair of Drapes / Panels / curtains.  These are just Stunning and very wide  and very tall --having the most beautiful colour of raspberry and silver.  The backs are all lined and done very well as some areas are hand sewn and some with machine-- they are very high quality in the making.  The inner has a extra lining of coton batting and then the back liner.  The fringe is stunning and the entire appearance is very rich.  The upper has hand sewn hooks and I added very close up photos in detail of many of the hand sewn areas as it was done to perfection.

     The lining as shown has some water markings however certainly does not take away any beauty and its on the backside toward the base.  In addition there is some spotting... also as shown in my large photos, on the backside lining.. again the liner is very beautiful in itself with the fabric feel and colour and the spotting does not effect anything as its on the backside lining..  The only flaw I see on these gorgeous drapes on the front side is a minor very light like fading or perhaps something was over this area... but its toward the very base and toward the edge and I really had to look hard to see it... I wanted to point it out.

Price:  $ 2,500

The Silk Fringe is Luscious on these. These are certain to make a statement to any room. 

Measurements:   10 Feet 4.5 inches Tall by 9 feet 11 inches wide at the base and 6 foot 2 inches wide at the top.  It has a 3.75 inch hem..

 Free.... with this listing a gorgeous pair of Tie backs.. I bought them separately but they match this set perfectly so I am giving them Free to you with the purchase of these gorgeous French Antique Drapes.


Pg1A.#REGBLG8.   French Antique silk Panel in gorgeous green and light cream --lined at backside and pull string upper.

Measures:   7'1.5" TALL
                      5'4" WIDE AT TOP
                      6'3.5" WIDE AT BOTTOM
*Gathered pull tape header
*3" hem which is doubled, so 6" extra of fabric                 Sale  Pending.


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