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#CORNPG.ANT.  Gorgeous Antique French Gilt / wood Cornice / Valance.  This is stunning and hand crafted circa late 1800's.  The center gilt area is totally hand done having stucco, gilt  and placed on the wood area for surrounding your windows or doors.  This surely makes a rich appearance in any room.  The French made the most stunning and glamorous antiques and this is one you might wish to add inside your home. Its been previous sectioned into three pieces sometime during its life and has been modified to allow re-assembly.  It will be shipping to you in three pieces however all you would have to do is use the screws that come with this and merely re-screw them back..  It will be so much cheaper also for the shipping cost seeing it will be smaller in packing.  This is a Gorgeous French Antique and it just arrived to me from my recent purchases while in France.

Price:             $  850 for the one... and... is 1,600 for the pair...
Measures:      total all together   58 " long by 12.5" deep by 9.5" tall at the center high and 4.4" high at the remaining as the center is taller due to the gorgeous motif...
 Its in 3 pcs... this is the way I bought it.... it can be put together easy with screws/ wood dowels or/and metal at the backside....which is easy join each section to the other section...


The famous Cleo de Merode circa 1900 Original Belt Buckles framed behind glass in a carved gold wood frame. You will notice this name appears behind the gold frame written on paper along with information attached as well and if  you notice also, the tape is very old.  Upon looking up her history which is much about her entire life I will briefly explain in my own words some of the information and if you care to you may read much more about her on your own research.   Cléo de Mérode was French and she was popular due to her dancing in addition to her beauty. It is said also that many post cards and other paper work was made having her photo placed upon them due to this beauty of hers.

  Cleo became very popular in Paris, France because she was so unique in her own way and her own style. Cleo, in addition to her famous reputation all over France was noticed by one of the famous sculptures who sculptured... her and to this day still remains in one of the famous museums in France.  She was also painted in numerous portraits by other famous painters as well.    She has so many paintings and photos done by famous professionals and was heard among everyone.  While she danced at one of the famous Paris places she was seen one evening by Belgian King Leopold which was so attracted to her that it was said she was his mistress, however this was merely by word of mouth.

 She danced her way throughout the years all over France and also came here to the States as well to perform. She also lived a long life up to her ninety's.  If you look up more information you will see how beautiful she is and how everyone stared at her no matter where she walked.  She is indeed gorgeous with such a skinny waist !!!

On Hold


la plus grande courtisane et danseuse Parisisienne de 1900

meaning the greatest courtesan and dancer

12.  Antique French Bebe Jumeau Talking Body with Original Label on backside.  Please view my large photos showing details on this antique French Bebe Jumeau Talking Body with no bisque head attached.  Label on back reads " Bebe Jumeau Diplome d'Honneur".   

Measurements:  Measured at backside from bottom of feet to top of body.     13.5" Tall.


13.  Antique Walking French body.  Please see all my very large photos showing details on condition.  She is a nice larger size needing head.  This one is a beautiful body if you have a bisque head for her. 

Measures:  17.25 "


14.  Antique French Talking doll body for bisque doll head.  I took very large photos showing all details for this antique doll body with no bisque head.  Two holes at side for talking which someone would have to repair.  I believe the bellows for the talker are still inside. 

Measures:   6.25" Tall


1. Stunning Carving Set in Ivory & Sterling c. 1800's, directly from Paris, France thus Signed "PARIS" on the Knife.  Quality and a Gorgeous set to for your Antique Dining Table. In addition, the box latch is ALSO marked "M.C.Paris".  Sold

Measures:  Knife:  12" Long & Fork 10.25" Long.

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