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Pg3Misc/Ceramfloral.   Antique French Porcelain Gorgeous Floral Arrangement Circa late 1880's.  A outstanding hand made Floral / flower arrangement in beautiful colours as shown and all hand made of Stunning intricate Porcelain flowers having green metal foliage surrounding. This is made with quality as it has weigh to it when holding.  It would enhance any table merely laying down as shown or in one of your favorite vases.  It could be used for a wall piece and then surround it with your favorite pictures.  Due to its age there is some breakage as shown to some of the porcelain flowers as well as paint loss & a few metal leaves have breakage, however it certainly does not distract from its quality or its charm and beauty.  This is a gorgeous Charming French Antique Treasure from the past.


   SOLD      # MJ.  Antique Outstanding Real Lapis having  real Gold and Ivory In gorgeous condition for its age in addition to all the fine engraving surrounding the lapis bottle. .. Chinese Snuff Bottle.


6.  French  Antique Religious Altar Valance all in gold threads--outstanding quality and workmanship.  Gold threads in long fringe surrounding bottom in unique twists. Entirely filled with gold motifs of religious & lined at backside with initials in corner.  ( see photos please) 

 Price: 2,200     On hold

                   9.75 by 20" Tall.

10pc.LeadGlassWindows.     Gorgeous Antique Leaded Glass Windows and some have a stunning arch at upper and others are straight across.  Each having a beautiful ornate appearance in the lock in addition to another straight bar which can adjust the window opening size to all the way open or half way open or less-- please see photos. Due to renovation project these quality stunning windows must come down and now being sold at a bargain price.  They can be shipped by a shipper if you prefer or make arrangement to come and pick them up if you are near by.  Please see the many photos and decide for yourself.  They would need painting and rust is on them however it well worth the time and effort as these are gorgeous when up as shown in all photos.  Good quality pieces are well worth the time and effort put into them to  to maintain their beauty thus quality lasting a lifetime. In addition, one can paint them the colour they prefer which would be even more gorgeous. They are filled with charm and warmth and certainly will adorn any place you choose to use these at.

They have been professionally carefully removed after taking photos and ready for a new owner.  Please write me for any questions as I am more to happy to tell you all I can. Circa 1920's. The frames are iron... strong and classy in appearance.

Measures:  Arched =18" Wide by 4 feet 3.5" Tall

                   Straight across =  18" Wide by 4 feet Tall     Price:    $ 2,600


Pr.PorcelainGoldPicturesMisc.3.  Pair- Limoges France Fragonard  Vintage miniatures inside lovely gold frames --22" tall frame.   Beautiful and charming Pair of  vintage gold picture frames filled with gorgeous miniature Fragonard Porcelain paintings of figures in addition to delicate faux pearls surrounding.  A wonderful and most noticeable set of thick gold frames which hold beautiful porcelain figure paintings as shown and more motifs.  Each remain in there own charming condition having scuffing along the gold due to their age, however nothing to distract their beauty.   Each has a glass covering with a rich red background.  Each has a nice hook at backside upper for hanging.

   The gold is bright is beautiful with spots & uppers faded gold however when up on ones walls one would notice. 

Beautiful Fragonard painted miniatures on interior and each is beautiful.

One would surely stop to view the interior of these frames as they hold intricate paintings along with other intricate beautiful items.  Each is ready to hang to make a rich appearance to all wall and any room.

Measures:     Frames  22"  Tall   by    9-1/8" at base wide and upper is 5-1/2" wide...  The thickness is:  9 1/8"  The Fragonard painted miniatures are glass cased so I cannot measure each however The narrow center interior motif is approx. 7" tall and the bottom Fragonard painting without the gold circle surrounding is approx. 2.5" diameter. Just for an idea on size.  They have weight to each and have been made with quality.  The frames are decorative as well with carvings around the entire front of frames as shown in photos.  My photos are part of my description always.


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