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CopperTubAntique/Misc.   Gorgeous and useful Antique French Copper Bathtub Tub in a outstanding shape to adorn any room and floor.  Being of age it remains in its own charming way with nicks, dents, dings, however it does hold water.  The shape of this gorgeous and this alone in your bathroom would truly stand out in appearance either alone of with lots of candles and decor pieces of your choice.  Its from the 1920's and I was going to use it myself however, it would not fit in the space prepared for me..  I am now selling it and its truly a magnificent piece if you are searching for such for your bathroom.  Its all copper and I took close of photos of the dents etc. My photos are part of my description also.  Please write me for any questions as I am here for you always.  One would have to have this shipped by a carrier and I will be happy to assist you in this with a good shipping company. 

Size:            Price:  $ 3,600.


NWTFinoLinoSet/Misc.   Gorgeous Luxurious NWT Fino Lino Bedroom Duvet, Shams, Pillowcases, Bed Skirt / Dust Ruffle in a stunning soft pastel colour of Aqua however its a very light light aqua colour.  Please treat yourself for the Holidays to this fabulous set to adorn your bedroom and enjoy the appearance each day.  This is so soft and I showed large photos for your viewing.  I bought it new and never used it.  Each having wonderful zippers for easy opening and each side is lined in silk in case your wish to reverse it and use the satin silk side of the spread and pillow covers / sham.  The bed / dust ruffle has two layers a shown the first one in Organza and behind it you will see the silk.  The outstanding beauty in this set tells it all and will certainly adorn your room.  I measured each piece.  Some of the sizes are on the tags however, I measured each piece myself.  This is a Queen size set. 

Measurements:  Duvet:  90 "x94 ",  ......  2 Quilted Shams with zipper Each: 27.5" by 27.5" Each and with silk satin backs.  ..... 2 Pillow Shams in Print to match Duvet and having satin silk backs, Each is 20" by 28 "............. 3 Bed Ruffle / bed skirts   one is 83" by 18" tall ( just ruffle), the part tucking under mattress is an additional 8.5"...................     2nd red ruffle is 83" by 18" Tall and the 3rd Bed Ruffle is 60" by 18" Tall  Price:  $ 700.

ElephantLiquorFr.Misc.    # 1 of 2 French liquor Antique sets--each different figures)    Napoleon III French Antique Elephant Figure Liquor Set. A wonderful decorative Liquor French set having six side small cups for beverages or your choice. A great display table piece and yet useful when needed.  The Elephant is magnificent in addition to his coloring of the peacock colour  holder attached to his center back having hand painted motifs surrounding it.  There is a little faucet like motif at front and the upper stopper is missing as shown however any small perfume top would fit it. Please see photos.....  The Peacock colour cups attached are also hand painted in white to match the upper holder having 4 of these and 2 in golden colour on sides of the elephant.  The one golden colour cups/glasses has a small indent at the very bottom as shown in my a piece is out of it.   The remaining Peacock blue cups due to age have chips at the rims... on all of them and one even having a larger chip on the side of the rim. However one can find on ebay any or these smaller cups to switch out and use if desired. They still hold water however each having issues as mentioned above. All in all it remains charming and a beautiful piece to use and impress your guests. 

 Measurements are in photos please see to show sizes.  Measurements of the Peacock colour glasses/cups  are 1-7/8" tall and the 2 golden colour glasses/cups 1-3/4".  The Price is based on condition.  Also, my photos are always part of my description.  TRULY a difficult piece to come by and certainly a Unique Antique French treasure.

Price:  $850


TrampArt.vitrine.   A gorgeous Antique European Lighted Tramp Art  Vitrine, Niche, Display Cabinet, Shine or whatever else you choose to use this beauty for.  This is special having the interior being able to light up. ( 6 lights inside)  Please see my photos as they are part of my description.  Flaws:  The bottom wood has cracks/chips in the wood- due to age surrounding all sides and back and the interior wallpaper is torn as shown. I had a new plug put on it by an electrician and its ready to display your treasures.  Its a gorgeous special piece as shown and its great when the lights on on being one can use it for lighting as well. The light sockets have the old porcelain as shown and you can add your size of bulb as my bulbs do not come with this special piece.  The sockets hold a European bulb being they are a little wider at the base and extremely easy to purchase on ebay or stores.  This is certainly a charming European antique treasure to display anywhere.

 Measures: 26 1/4" tall by 13.25" wide by 9" deep.   Inside dimensions are 9.5" wide by 24.5" tall.....Base is 8.5" deep.  Price: $285. & shipping.


Pg. Misc. Yellow TerraCotta .   Gorgeous selling one at a time in this price... French Hand Made Terra Cotta pots having face figures on the sides in addition the foliage as shown.   I have two larger ones being a pair... and two smaller one being a pair..  I am selling one at a time in this listing and this price.  They are much more amazing in person and each is filled with beauty... You can use them on the interior of your home in your entrance or anywhere... and the smaller ones in your bath or kitchen or entrance...  or use exterior surrounding your home..   The ones photographed are mine which I am keeping but I have 4 more I purchased... 2 in large as you see mine and two in smaller which I added flowering plants to them on the exterior of our home..

Measures  Large..  30.5" tall by 29.5" wide..

the smaller ones are:     21" tall by 20" wide.                  SALE PENDING


#SHLF.MISC.1 PG.   Gorgeous Antique French Wall Ornate gold gilt painted wall shelf.  This is a beautiful piece to enhance any wall.  You can add you treasures to the shelf or you can leave it with nothing on top seeing its so stunning in appearance it makes a statement just as it is.  The wood space you see at backside =you could add a mirror or Oil painting -- if you wish ==as Previously it once held a mirror and it was placed on this area.  It would look great also if you added a fabric of your choice to this back area.  You could also leave it the way it is as it gives a great effect to this piece.  the entire upper you see is filled with gilt motifs and wiring underneath all of it ---as they made such quality pieces in the past.  Its dates from the turn of the century and truly a stunning antique.  You may even wish to add a light on top of this shelf or perhaps use it in your bath to add small towels and soaps.

 You could use it just about anywhere to enhance any wall and room.  In addition --the upper is made with gesso/plaster and gold gilt  painted and this is much consuming time in the makings and from being old --some pieces are missing ---although one would not notice by viewing --in addition to wiring having some minor loss and cracks shown  and I will  pack it ultra well for you and secure all these pieces well and stuff each and make sure its truly packed well  for a safe arrival at your door-- as its honestly a gorgeous piece as you can see. 

Measures approx:  22.5" tall at backside from top to base.  by 41 3/4" at widest by 10.5" deepest.. the area if you wish to add a mirror or oil painting is approx. 13 1/4" tall by 30 1/4" wide and the finials at front are 3 3/4" tall each.  the little space where your mirror or oil would sit is approx. short of 1" about as this gives you an idea on all the sizes. 


PG.MISC.1.FIRE.    Gorgeous Antique French Fireplace Screen in Bronze.  This is stunning even with it not being polished.  It is heavy Bronze and when polished it would be a Exquisite site.  If  you wish to use this without being polished it remains just as charming.  The legs can be removed for shipping in which I will do for you when I packed it well and they are easy to place back even with one of the screws a little different then the other.  The legs are gorgeous as I don't see them as heavy and ornate and wide as this piece is.  The interior mesh screen is torn as see in my photos and if you wish to remove and replace it--I noticed the backside having screws in which one can remove and replace the screen very easy.   The center of the mesh screen is wonderful and stunning with its huge bronze motif right in the center -- this also can be removed from the backside--as placed back onto your replaced mesh.  Each side is very ornate as well having the bronze protrude outward for a gorgeous effect no matter where one would stand.  You may wish to remove the center mesh and add fabric inside instead.  Please take extra notice of all the ornate scrolling and the handle in addition to the wide ornate bronze legs... this entire piece is gorgeous and in solid bronze.  Circa late 1800's. French--this came from a beautiful French Chateau just north of Paris in a town called Chantilly. 

Price:  1,200.          Measurements:    36" tall by 29 3/4" wide at upper and 26" wide at the legs.   The depth is 13 3/4".. 


Ciel-de-LitPg.Misc 1.     Gorgeous French Antique Ciel de Lit in solid wood and truly a beauty with all its soft coloring and gold accents.   The is solid wood and all hand carved as shown.  The colours are stunning with the rich gold accents in addition to the soft  silver surrounding colour.  You can use this either as the French Antique Ciel de Lit which it is--or merely turn it upside-down and use it as a wonderful wall shelf to place and show off one of your favorite antique treasures.  The fabric is antique green velvet and if you wish you can remove it and use the colour of fabric you wish or merely place another colour over this one.  The is wonderful and the size I love being it would fit anywhere.  If you place it over your bed it can fit over any size bed as there is no size for Ciel de lit over can have and choose any size they wish to have and what they feel comfortable with...  This is a fantastic French antique to  adorn any wall or room. It already has a nice hook on the backside also as shown.

Measurements:      $ 600.


#AGOWRHDCR.PG.M.    Antique Persian Helmet having a tall spike at upper top.  There are two plume holders which looks to be riveted.  It has  wonderful figure scenes consisting of a female and male with surrounding foliage and flowers  which have been elaborately etched into the helmet.  It has much long chair surrounding the bottom of the helmet however due to age some sections are missing -- shown in photos.  It is in Original condition as found and would make a fantastic show piece for your collection. The iron helmet has magnificent time consuming etchings  perhaps telling a story as I am not a expert in this field.  I also noticed their are different etching scenes in each panel at upper which is more gorgeous in person.  This would be great sitting on top of a piano or display table as it has so much history to it and certainly a rarer find.

Price:    $   1,600    ON HOLD..



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