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Used Designer Clothing- All sales final.


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GucciKittenYellowHeelsPg3.     Classy appearance in these Gucci Kitten Heels having gold lower tips on the base of each heel.  The Gucci Monogram "GG" is written all over the front as shown and if you have something that will match the bright yellow on these you would surely make an appearance.  They easily slip on to go anywhere and can be worn with just about anything.  They are used but remain in good condition with lots more wear.  I recently had new tips placed on the heels but I wore them about 3 more times after that new tip. They do have kicks, scratches, scuffs as with all used shoes but they still have lots more wear.   I hope some can find much use for these as I am clearing out my closets lately.  My photos are always part of my description. 

  Size:  37 C and Made in Italy   Price: 39.00 free ship.

Hermes/Pg3NoLace.   Leather Hermes Small Heel Shoe in color of medium beige. Used but with lots more wear to these. They have NO laces however if you use ribbon to loop through the holes it would work the same.  Selling as is. My photos are part of this description. Scuffs, nicks as with all used shoes-these have wear on them.. You might want to resole these also as many do on good shoes..  Please write me anytime for questions. 

Size:  39 Made in Italy..  Price:  55.00   Free shipping

chanel/Pg3.Ballarina.    Used Chanel Ballerina Ballet shoes with large CC logo at front.  Used and worn scuffs but lots more wear on these.  Classic anywhere you choose to wear these with.  Please see photos of fronts of the shoes as they are scuffed with the leather taken off in certain areas on the tips of the shoes.   My photos are always part of my description. Color is Black with white CC at front.  Made in Italy.

55.00  Free shipping  Measures on the inside from toe to heel where your actual foot would be.. 8 3/8"   and 2 7/8" on the bottom of the shoe in width on the sole. SOLD

Chanel/BabyDoll/Pg3.  Chanel pair of shoes in deep beige & black having strap across the front. Used but lots more wear on these.  Please see photos as they are part of my description.  See the heels on these however still great for walking or dress or casual.  The soles have been re-soled with tip at top on sole. Made in Italy.

Size 35.  The deep beige is suede with patent leather black.   Price:  58.00  Free shipping.   SOLD

LaCroixHeels. Beautiful LaCroix heels in very Unique colours as shown.. I worn them several times however they remain beautiful as shown and lots more wear for others to admire on your feet.  They are patent Leather and when wearing patent leather they seem to look beautiful all the time.  Please see my many photos.  I am cleaning out my closets and will be listing lots more clothing and shoes--please save my site as everything will be listed cheap for buyers and I hope you will find something you like. The heels on these are gorgeous how they are shaped in addition to the stunning colours in these shoes. 

Price:  38.00


 #Stuart.  These are really really comfortable and still look classy anywhere you do and use them for.  They are great for Jeans or Pants or even a nice suit for work.  The colour is black with a faux tortoise shell effect on the heels and surrounding the shoes as shown.  The heel is so comfortable for walking on vacation or work or even shopping.  I wore these and they have so much more wear to them.  The soles are leather and these were expensive shoes when I bought them. I hope you can find use for them and enjoy them. Price:    sold


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