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Used Designer Clothing- All sales final.

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#1SkirtBurberryGirls.  This is # 1 of 4 I now have listed and Each is different and so beautiful.   # 1. Classic Plaid Girls Burberry Skirt in the colors of cream/black/red as shown.  Its so precious on your little one and so classy wherever she might go and wear it.  It has two buckles a shown for opening. It remains in wonderful condition and ready to wear.  I took photos of the fabric context along with size.  Write me please for any other information as I am always here for you.     Size: 10... two buckles with small Velcro for closing and opening and adjusting waist.  60% Wool and 40% Polyester.  Beautiful when worn with tights or knee socks... Classic appearance for your little one.    The length is 13" and the waist is 13" but double this.... .. this is the way I had it on my hanger...  anything else please kindly write me..

#2SkirtBurberryGirls.   This is # 2 of 4 I now have listed... Each is gorgeous and ready to wear...  Girls Burberry Skirt and Reversible as shown... this is just wonderful and the interior is gorgeous with the fleur in colours of light precious pink having reddish flowers with green... its wonderful... and the opposite side is Classy and with the right top each would set the scene for you little girl.  It no longer fits and ready for your little girl now.. it remains in wonderful condition as shown... Write me please for any other information..  Please see all my other ones listed now.   Size:  10  Adjustable elastic at back for her waist adjustment and in having two buckles and button closure.  Wool and Polyamide and lining is cotton..    Gorgeous either side..   If you wish to use the opposite side for a different appearance.. which I never did... but you would then have to cut off the inside tag as it would show... ...  see my photos... and the tag saying Burberry on the inside waist you would have to wear to sweater to cover it up on the waist area... that is if you wish to use the opposite flower side... just a suggestion....  The color of the front side is light cream having light pink and brown as shown...  its a wonderful feel to this skirt..   The length on this beauty is  12"... .. the waist is at front 13" but double this and its totally adjustable as shown...


#3SkirtBurberryGirls.     This is # 3  of 4 I now have listed... Each is gorgeous and ready to wear...  So so classy and ready to wear in wonderful condtion as it no longer fits and now ready for your little girl.  The colors are as shown and so  gorgeous to wear with a blouse or sweater--two buckles for opening and closing.   Please see my other ones listed now as each is different and so beautiful.  Size:  10     60% wool and 40% Polyester.. beautiful feel to this skirt.   two buckles for front closure with Velcro. The Length on this one is 16 ".. but again adjustable.. the waist as you see it on my hanger is 12" in front but double this and remember its totally adjustable..


#4 BurberrySkirtGirls.        This is # 4 of 4 I now have listed... Each is gorgeous and ready to wear...   This is another one of my favorite .. Burberry Girls skirt  in a gorgeous flower print... Its so gorgeous when worn and yet classy with a nice sweater... Your little girl will be noticed by everyone and admired as this was one of my favorite.   Two buckles for opening and closing and adjustable back as shown in photos.  Please see all my other Burberry Girls skirt as each is wonderful and ready to wear.

 Lots more will be listed please save my site and email me for anything other questions.

 Size:  10 with back having elastic adjustable for her waist and front with two buckles and button..Note the two buttons at front which are on the inside .. one having stitching surrounding it due to a  tear however its been mended and its on the opposite side of the waistband and barely shown at front.  Again, this was one of my favorite.. 100% Cotton...a beautiful softer cotton..    13.5" in Length.. the waist is 12" on the front so double this.. however its adjustable as shown.

Burberry/boysslipon's./    Lovely Used Burberry Slip On's for Boys or Girls in the checked pattern.  These no longer fit and now its time for your young one to enjoy the classic beauty of these Burberry Canvas & leather upper with rubber soles shoes.  They remain in good condition as shown with tons more time to enjoy them and run with them and dress up with them.  Please see my photos for judging/viewing them and write me please for any other information.  I have more listed which do not fit and will be listing even more all month. 

Price:    48.00      Free shipping       Size 34     SOLD

Newbark New/Adults$595original..   These are brand New and never had chance to wear them --they are classic and so gorgeous and the leather on these are soft.. The colour is rich with the black woven/trellis like weave and contrasting color of deep plum..  Adults ladies slip on's  & classy to wear anywhere.  The sole is leather and the original price tag remains on the shoes as I purchased them. They have only been tried on at the store on display however never worn as mentioned above and tags still remain on the sole as shown..  They are a size 6  for Adults / Ladies -- you will love the feel.

     I am selling them at a bargain --  I will be listing lots more shoes all month so please save my site.  I do hope someone will be able to enjoy these as they are certainly the best feel ever and new as shown.  They are beautiful in everyway and made well.  My personal opinion they seem to run a little small so I placed the measurements below here for you to judge.  I do not have the box but if you wish to have a box i will ship them in another box for you so you have one for these beauties.

     I was never familiar which this name before until I picked it up in the store and noticed the quality and beauty of them so I bought them and they were also on sale for me but I am selling them cheaper then my price.  please write me for any questions whatsoever.

Inside measures: 8  5/8" and outside 9 1/4"..   The width is 3"             Price:   90.   and free shipping.        

BurberryBoys/girlsHighTops#2/  With round Logo on side......These no longer fit either and now selling these Wonderful pair of boys or girls Burberry High tops / gym shoes and remain in very good condition as shown. They have the wonderful round logo with the name Burberry on it on the side of each shoe as shown and they are so great for any colour your child will wear to match.  They are classic when your little one wears them also and so much comfort as well. I added many photos for your viewing on all sides and they are wonderful for any child being boy or girl.  The size is 34 which is stamped on the interior as shown also in photos. Please see my others listed and will be listing even more all month.

Pg.2PradaGirlsshoes.   Darling pair of Ballet Ballerina Prada girls shoes in Suede having a beautiful center front bow with the name Prada. The Prada logo is also on the sole. They are used but remain in lovely condition and ready for your little one to enjoy now--mine has outgrown them and they are such a beautiful shoe to adorn any outfit she wears.  The front strap is adjustable as they have a Velcro  piece attached to them to adjust them.. they are soft and will be very comfortable on her feet.  The bottoms are rubber for easy walking and comfort and the uppers are a burgundy/wine Suede colour. I took photos of the size also and everything else. I will be listing lots more shoes for the next coming months so please save my site and I thank you kindly. No box.

Size:  31 written on interior as shown                  Price:   48.00  Free shipping


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