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Pr.CupidsLights.   Gorgeous Pair of Cast Bronze French Antique / Vintage Cupid / Angel Lights / Wall Light / Wall Sconces.  Beautiful Pair and ready to hang and my electrician placed new wiring on the backs as shown with new plug.  They have weight to them and will certainly adorn any wall bringing lots of light, warmth and charm, as well. Please note my Beaded light shades do NOT come with these, I showed them to show how beautiful they appear having shades on them. They will come with NO shades whatsoever.  You might prefer a shade of your own choice as well or use with no shade.  They are signed at the backsides also as shown with initials. My photos are always part of my description. These are truly great for smaller wall areas as well are larger.

Measures:  Back plates 12" Tall by 2 3/4"   Wide & Entire piece is: 14" Tall by 2 3/4" as mentioned   Price:  $355.


CupidsSconce2ndpr.   Wonderful pair of antique/vintage bronze Cupid or Angel Wall Sconces .. cast bronze and amazing in details as shown.     They are ready to use and I had my electrician place a new cord with new plug at backside. They are signed at the backside with Initials and please note that NO shades come with these. You must purchase your own with your decor colours or you may want to use nothing... just the light bulb..  In addition they come with no candle cover...They certainly bring warmth and charm to any wall and any room.  They have weight and are made very well. Please note again My beaded shades do NOT go with this set. They come with NO shades and no light bulb covers.  They are beautiful sconces to admire and use daily as they bring light to your area.

Measures:  Back plates 12" Tall by 2 3/4"   Wide & Entire piece is: 14" Tall by 2 3/4" as mentioned   Price:  $355.


MuranoPrPink.  Antique French Murano Czech Pair of Glass Bulb covers or Globes or Lamp Shades in a gorgeous colour of pinkish & off whites.  These need work as shown and my photos are part of my description.  If you could rewire them they would be the most beautiful due to the colour in these.  They are rusted wiring and insides as shown ( their holding cages ) in addition to many of the glass beads are missing & are bent & one bead appears to have a blown glass flaw at tip as shown in my photos. .  I have two beads which were saved as shown also. 

If you could get wiring and remove all the glass beads and clean the wire holder and then repair one by one each one of these gorgeous pinkish glass onto the wire holder.... then you would have a beautiful pair to treasure. Perhaps being the missing ones you might wish to try and find more or perhaps do not place them so close together if you wish to rewire them.  However, they are being sold as is.... Please view all my very large photos and decide if they might be good for you.. It would make a great project and a fulfilling one. Email me for any other questions.

Measures:   5" tall and opening is 2 3/8"

Sanctuary/Chandelier.   Wonderful French Antique Bronze Chandelier / Sanctuary Fixture circa 1880's.  Lots of photos for you close up viewing and I polished only a section to show you the remarkable finish this will have after the entire piece is polished by you.  I polished a section to you the results and this would be a great past time for the coming winter months.  I used merely a brillo like pad to get this gorgeous results.  You can use a polish or what I did would give you the shine.  It has lots of detail however no lights were attached to it and you could use it with a wonderful wide candle inside if you desire or have it electrified by your electrician. It has lots of gothic yet classic motifs like a crown shape surrounding the entire piece as shown..... in addition I  noticed very small holes going going around the entire piece as they appear to have .. at one time... stones there or something.. ??  I do know what.   You might wish to add some.  Its a gorgeous piece and charming and would certainly adorn any room when polished and hanging... Please see all my photos as they are part of my description.  Note: in my photos I showed and noticed while polishing a small scratch like indent however its normal due to age and certainly does not distract this gorgeous appearance in any way.  Also this has weight to it being bronze and a magnificent piece.

Measures:  14 3/4" Diameter by 14 3/4" Tall without the round ring at very top.   Price: 488.


Chandelier/     Gorgeous Antique French Bronze Chandelier circa 1880.  This piece makes a statement in any room as shown in all photos.  It is make with very high quality and the bronze is very thick with so much details surrounding the entire piece.  There is so much to view and admire as you notice all the arms extending and how each light crafted.  The light bulbs remain the same as in Europe being the bayonet type bulb as you see in my photos--they do not come with it however you can purchase these anywhere.. I did not have enough bulbs to display them all as I was selling this and did not want to purchase any.  The center has a gorgeous glass and below holds a long bronze narrow rod which is screwed in the piece.

  This is extremely classy in appearance and built with very high craftsmanship and it is heavy as I used it myself but now I am redecorating and changing it out... It will be admired for all that enter your room.  You can also add your own color of fringe or light shade if you prefer over each socket but this is totally up to you.... I merely left it the way you see it now however you could accentuate more in your taste if you add the fringe hanging below each light or add light shades.. My photos are always part of my description... I added many photos of all areas for your viewing.... each section and each area is amazing in appearance. 

Please note that this comes with a ceiling canopy however I needed it longer so I left the ceiling canopy hanging downward as shown in photos... it comes with this piece... my chain will not come with this.. you need to purchase your own chain which is easy anywhere.  Also, on the ceiling canopy their is one small area which is missing due to age.. please see my photos... however it does not distract for this gorgeous piece in anyway. I did not use the ceiling canopy for the ceiling as shown as I used a white decorative piece as shown also.. and this does not come with it either. You will have the Original ceiling canopy with this and as you see it hanging downward on the top of the ceiling in all photos.  This truly is a Magnificent piece both in quality and appearance.

Measures:  34.5" tall by 31" wide.         Price:  $ 3,200


CopperMetalPr.    A Showpiece when hung !!  Amazing Pair of 1920's Large Chandeliers having outstanding appearance in the slag glass on all side of each chandelier.  I had them re-electrified and hung them up recently however I am changing them out.  They are marvelous in appearance and with or without them being lit they appear gorgeous in looks. The slag glass shows up so charming when lit and when not lit they hang with charm giving a warmth to any room.  You can use them as a pair as I did or hang them in different rooms.  They are made of metal and someone in the past had them painted copper colour which they appear now and are gorgeous as shown but could use touching up in my personal opinion as they are scuffed.  The Slag glass remains in beautiful condition except one minor little area on the inside measuring .25 of an inch... very very minor.... which I just noticed while taking photos.. the area I have shown in photos and no one can see it on the outside at all.. its in the very corner on the bottom shown in photos.... very very minor.. very tiny.. I added several photos of it for you which one can barely notice.  Everything else is beautiful... perfect with the Slag glass.  The upper has a lovely Fleur d Lit metal motif on each chandelier--which enhance them again in appearance. 

Measures: 35" tall by 10 3/4" wide             $ 1,700


#Angelight/Sconces.           Charming Antique French Putti / Angel / Cupid holding a light in her hand which has been recently electrified and now ready to use anywhere you choose.  She stands alone which is wonderful as you can place her anywhere you might need lighting or just to admire her quality hand carved craftsmanship yet her face is comforting and sweet.  Circa late 1880;s and recently professionally gold pasted paint to add to her charm and keep her quality for years to come.

Measures:     18 tall 7.5" deep, 8.5" wide and barrel base is: 4.75" diameter                                    Price.   1,285



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