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#Angelight/Sconces.           Charming Antique French Putti / Angel / Cupid holding a light in her hand which has been recently electrified and now ready to use anywhere you choose.  She stands alone which is wonderful as you can place her anywhere you might need lighting or just to admire her quality hand carved craftsmanship yet her face is comforting and sweet.  Circa late 1880;s and recently professionally gold pasted paint to add to her charm and keep her quality for years to come.

Measures:     18 tall 7.5" deep, 8.5" wide and barrel base is: 4.75" diameter                                    Price.   1,285


CopperMetalPr.    A Showpiece when hung !!  Amazing Pair of 1920's Large Chandeliers having outstanding appearance in the slag glass on all side of each chandelier.  I had them re-electrified and hung them up recently however I am changing them out.  They are marvelous in appearance and with or without them being lit they appear gorgeous in looks. The slag glass shows up so charming when lit and when not lit they hang with charm giving a warmth to any room.  You can use them as a pair as I did or hang them in different rooms.  They are made of metal and someone in the past had them painted copper colour which they appear now and are gorgeous as shown but could use touching up in my personal opinion as they are scuffed.  The Slag glass remains in beautiful condition except one minor little area on the inside measuring .25 of an inch... very very minor.... which I just noticed while taking photos.. the area I have shown in photos and no one can see it on the outside at all.. its in the very corner on the bottom shown in photos.... very very minor.. very tiny.. I added several photos of it for you which one can barely notice.  Everything else is beautiful... perfect with the Slag glass.  The upper has a lovely Fleur d Lit metal motif on each chandelier--which enhance them again in appearance. 

Measures: 35" tall by 10 3/4" wide             $ 1,700


#SCONPG.SPR.   Rare Antique Pair of French Wall Bronze Sconces.  These are very unusual and so unique in the style and workmanship. There are so many views to admire a numerous amount of fine workmanship in every inch of these.  If you notice the unique way of the hands and arms how they are positioned in the making in addition to their faces and tails.

Price:    585.00


French Tall antique Silver Candlesticks. Gorgeous and very tall giving a gothic appearance in any room.  Circa 1880 and each having 4 paw feet at base. Tall and stunning for a table display or can easily be made into a set of Stunning Lamps.

Price:   785.

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