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Terms & Policies:

Worldwide: I will gladly ship Worldwide to many Countries on SMALLER ITEMS......

NATIONWIDE : Please email me on larger items (furniture, etc ) on shipping cost as I can obtain a quote for you from Local Shippers-or with craters & freighters. ... I will need your city and state please.. or feel free to contact one of the shippers of your choice ..........Email me please for questions.

Smaller items, I try to ship smaller items the lowest way possible for you-- but always insured for you..... I pack extra well and secure each piece while being transported to insure it arrives the same way you bought it.

I take much pride & effort to describe item/s completely & honestly. However, As with all antiques, & vintage items-- pieces show appropriate age with wear such as splits/lines/worm holes/ wood openings/nicks, fading, tears, odors etc. Therefore, please keep in mind it will not be perfect. They are antiques and vintage pieces. I add lots of huge photos to show all details. Email questions always prior to buying.

As with all items: all sales are final, and sold as-is with no refunds. One cannot try it and see how they like it and decide they no longer want it. Once it sold its sold and shipped and belongs now to you.

Items shipped should be insured for protection (please make sure to add insurance fees) & any damages during, will be totally between shipper & buyer only.

We have the right to refuse bids & buyers and/or payments from negative feedbacks or suspicious emails or buyers and/or any other reason justified or suspicious if we see fit. If for any reason we allow a return of item then a credit of this amount will only be allowed with no refunds whatsoever.  Your credit with us will only be good for a period of two months only.

All ages of items are stated approximately around that age & not guaranteed, but given to the best of our knowledge, understanding and honesty. With all antiques potential customers are to understand --if for some reason --we allow you to return anything--a buyer is to pay all shipping expenses fees, in addition to, a restocking fees & Pay Pal fees/Visa fees and plus a percentage fees of item/s due to it was held up from others buying it.  A percentage will be charged up to 25-30%  on each fee/s mentioned above--so please make sure you want the item otherwise all the above will apply to returns if we agree to returning items. If more than one item is to be returned much higher fees will be applied.  We do not like to do this however we cannot have buyers having buyers remorse.

On layaways plans: We can work with you on layaways so its comfortable for you as well by paying monthly. If by chance after your first, second and there after payments and you no longer continue to make your scheduled payments or you no longer want the item-- then we have the right to keep your first payment and additional a percentage of the entire amount of sale plus any other fees acquired during the sale such as Pay Pal,  Ebay fees etc--seeing the item was held up from others buying it .

Payments by Pay Pal / Visa or any other method must be paid immediately after sale or we have the right to sell to another or not sell to you..