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#SATSPG.POR.    Gorgeous Antique Satsuma  vase made into a tall lamp. I have made all the photos in large size for your detailed viewing of the quality and exquisiteness in beauty. Outstanding quality and very unusual Satsuma in gold colours -- please notice the repair at very upper tip of the vase where the lamp brass goes over. This is the only fault I find with this unusual antique Satsuma vase / lamp.  It is in gorgeous condition other then the exception of this repair at the upper rim shown in my photos.  It is a magnificent piece with a raised design and with a very rich appearance.  The upper is in a red-orange design having unusual shaped protruded bird like or large insect motifs which are 8 1/4" tall and there are two total of these ( one on each side as shown) .   In addition it is in a raised design giving it much richness in appearance.

Measures:  Vase alone is this size:  23" tall and birds are 8 1/4" tall by 7" wide.  Circumference of Vase/lamp 24" 



#CUPIPOR.Pg.P.   Exceptional French Antique Porcelain Cupid Compote having vivid colours with white French Porcelain. circa 1880.  This is Truly made Exceptional with such real like appearance due to the expertise of the fine French workmanship.  The cupids wings, in addition to appearance, is exquisite in fine details and colours.  This can be used for just about anything ,such as soaps in your bath, candy during the holidays or-- of course any day of the week with fine chocolates, hair pins on your dresser, even a gravy bowl during a fine dinner, your eye glasses, or contact lens case, sun glasses, and so much more.  This would be exquisite when set beside your bed with nuts or even your sleeping eye mask.  It is signed underneath and I added very large photos for your viewing. Please see all the fine details of the cupids delicate porcelain feet in addition to the hands and colours and face with wings.  It is in gorgeous condition due to its age and the Feet are Excellent / perfect.   More to be added shortly -- please email me, just listed from recent trip.




#PORMANPg.P.  Gorgeous details fine Porcelain French Antique Figure of a Gentleman, circa 1880's.  This is another exquisite French antique porcelain figure having such vivid colours in addition to its lovely workmanship.  The flowers are vivid and so details as he holds with his two hands with no breakage in the flowers and no breakage in his hands also.  I noticed -- in two leafs on the flowers between his feet they are off --which I added large photos for your viewing however, this is so minor due to the Exquisiteness of this piece.  Just brought back from recent trip and more information to be added shortly.




#DECNAPPg.P.   Beautiful Antique French Porcelain Decanter with vivid colours.  The colours are stunning in this French Napoleon Decanter which can be used for display or whatever you choose.  The upper having cork insert which is removable and Napoleons hat rest at top of cork.  The shape is in the form of a book having vivid gold surrounding both front, backside and surrounding as shown. Please see all photos as they are always part of my description.  This is more beautiful in person having the porcelain very white in colour which the remaining rich colours really show up vivid. It would be great on any table or china cabinet and one can use for just about anything -- in on your dinner table perhaps having oil or vinegar inside or even in your bath having liquid soap as well as your desk or make up table and can even be used as a paper weight.  It can be used for so many purposes.

Measures:                                  Price:   $ 125.







#40.  Gorgeous Antique Silver and Glass Decanter, Vase and a great display piece.  The workmanship is stunning on this will lots of ornate motifs surrounding this entire piece.  The glass is satin having black at base and all ornate details of silver.    my photos are always part of my description.

Measures:                                                        Price:  $ 155.


#CHPLTPg.P.  Wonderful Antique Display Plate made in the Ching Dynasty Period with Certificate.  A beautiful display antique plate for a great appearance if you collect such as the colours remain rich in addition to the beautiful condition of this plate.  There are NO chips, NO cracks and remain in the same condition as I found it in.  I am giving the Certificate which was with this antique Ching Dynasty Period plate.  If you are collector of such this would make a great addition to your treasures and one to admire.                                      Price:   250 








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