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  Antique Toys plus up-to-date new & used Toys.


Toys/prWoodHorses.   Delightful  French Antique Pair Wooden Horses on Pull Stand.  These are charming during the Holidays to display under your tree in addition to add to your collection of antique toys you might have already. They are all wood and with some weight to them each and each having wood pegs to place them onto their original stand.  The rusted wheels are original also to the pull stand.  Each horse has paint loss, chips, plaster chips and more as shown in photos. Its amazing how plaster was added beneath and then hand painted as shown also.

Original small chains are still attached to their inside bodies as shown in addition to original black strapping & black paint on them.  Their tails feel like horse hair however not sure--they are coarse and truly enhance them.  They are hand made as you will notice the wonderful workmanship in the joints how each piece was made and then jointed together as shown.  They have the original blue wood piece at backside on one as shown and comes with some old roping that came with it also. They make a great appearance on any shelf or any floor or any table..

  There is a wonderful professional repair to the one leg as shown to keep its appearance for decades to come--- being said the one leg repaired made one leg not go inside its original hole.  However, it stands wonderful as shown also and displays in the most beautiful way. These bring back memories to so many out there and hope someone can find a place for them among their treasures.

Price: 488.00

Measures:  Overall Dimensions:  11 1/8" Tall by 13 1/4" Deep by 9" Deep.  Single Horse Dimension:  10" Tall by 12" Deep by 3" Wide.

Toys/FrenchSailingBoat.      Antique/vintage French Sailing wood Boat. Needs TLC.  These were made at the first part of the 1900's and wonderful for children & adults to be played with on their pond or nearly small lake area.  This particular one I purchased in France and needs to be re-painted and the sail cleaned. Its made of wood having a heavy lead area at center of base as shown.  It would make a great piece for collectors / your husband or your child.  This is all original as found and as shown.  I added a tape measure to the photos for sizing. Loss of paint missing, soiled/dirty cotton sail which seems to be all there as shown.  This would truly be a beauty after restoring.  

A wonderful toy from our past to remember and a great decorative piece yet collectable as well. Great for a gift for your husband or child to treasure forever and think of you forever as he admires it.    Price:  200.  Free shipping.

Toys/MechanicalBear.   Antique  Vintage  Wonderful Mechanical Fur Bear.  Perhaps this is a Roullet Et Decamps however I do not know. The key has no writing on it.

This cute little old mechanical automaton bear has matted fur and missing in several areas. The key can be taken out as shown and he has wood black feet.  His mouth is great in appearance however he does not work.  Perhaps he is wound to tight however I am not a professional on such.  He has nice little eyes and I am Selling him as is with many large close up photos for your viewing and judgment.

He has missing fabric or leather on his nose ( not sure what type of material was used but shown in photos)   Photos taken from all angles for your viewing. There is a tiny spring inside his mouth as shown and scuffing, missing areas on top of his mouth and nose  & underneath as shown in photos. He is a old, dirty not working cut little bear that really needs TLC... perhaps a great job for those cold rainy days.

Measures:  8" Long         by 6" tall on his four feet ...... by 2.5" wide.  Price:  $ 688.   or best offer


SouthernPacific/Toys.  O Gauge     New in Box and only taken out for these photos.  I bought this and never used it and honestly this is the first time I took it out of the box for photos to sell. ...  Its heavy and made Ultra well and I took many photos for your viewing. It will be shipped the same way I bought it in the Original Styrofoam case with the Original box you see. It is new in the box and NEVER taken out except for photos now.  I  will pack it well for shipping. Its a gorgeous piece and I am sure someone out there would love to own this Beauty as it would bring lots of excitement to you daily when you come from work and want to enjoy the evening hours & all your spare time hours. Its exciting even to see this Beauty with its bold colours you see.  The box from sitting is a little tattered here and there and I bought it originally from a Large Train Store.

Price: 688.88


AmericangirlDolls/Toys.    FREE American Girl Horse w/Purchase of 4 American Girl Dolls.   When purchased all 4 dolls the Free horse with come with these darling dolls.  Cute American Girl Dolls and many photos for your viewing sitting and standing etc.  Total of 4 and I am giving the Horse Free with these which is a lovely good condition one.  Each having clothing as shown and some being by the same company American Girl clothing and some not.  All 3 dolls having long hair and the brunette having shorter hair which might have been cut however I do not know as I purchased these from another lady awhile ago.

 All their eyes look to be clear and in good condition as shown up-close.  I did not look inside each piece of clothing to see if they are American Girl on this lot however, a collection will know and judge for themselves--I believe one is an antique one (white one).  These belonged to my sweet granddaughter and I hope someone can use and enjoy them now. Each has their long string at the back of their necks as shown.  Two can stand with the whiter clothing on and two of these cannot stand as shown in my photos. Please if any other questions kindly write me as I will be more then happy to tell you.  I am not familiar much with these type of dolls and what collectors look for. These come from a smoke free pet free home and have been kept nicely as shown here.  You are getting 4 American Girl dolls and 1 Free American Doll Horse.

Am.GirlDollPleasant/toys.   Beautiful American Girl Doll with lots of outfits in beautiful condition as shown.  This one also belonged to my sweet grand daughter and her name is Pleasant which says on her clothing.  I took many photos for your to judge and see if you might wish to add her to your collection or give to your little one.  Her outfit is so cute with matching hat in addition to all the others I am giving with this doll. Again-I am not familiar with this type of doll and I took photos of her in all views along with her clothing and labels as shown.  I did notice the shoes on her are chewed a little as she was purchased also second hand and not new when bought but this one done by the previous owners and not us.  Other then the bites on her shoes she is in lovely beautiful condition as shown. Please write me for any other questions whatsoever.  I showed her sitting, laying, standing along with her clothing which will come with her and one hanger and her small cute purse which hangs on her as shown in addition to her necklace. Her eyes are green. 

BackToFutureCar/toys.   Back to the Future II Light up & Sounds Car  1/15 Scale. Never used and stored -- I added many photos for your viewing both with lights on and off.  I removed it from the original box to show the beautiful fun loving light up car and sounds for any child to enjoy.  Batteries will not be included.  The box having minor tattered from me storing it inside my closet however this has never been used.   Its so much fun seeing it light up as shown and will enlighten your child especially during this beautiful Holiday season approaching us.  I packed it exactly as purchased it inside its original box and will be packed with care for shipping.  In addition, its wonderful to see both doors open upward as shown... its a fun great car for anyone to treasure. Please see all my photos as the box tells exactly what it does. Write me please if any other information is needed.


Kibri/Toys.    HO /  OO   Made in Germany in U.S. Zone Kibri Ho OO Train Station with clock at upper and made in metal/tin having lots of detail work in addition to opening doors as shown in photos.  Original Stamp on bottom of Train Station as shown in photos.  A great piece for train collectors. You could use as is however it would look much nicer if one could re-paint it has rust as shown in all photos and dents also as shown in photos however it remains a great showpiece for any Train Lover / collector and a great conversation piece.

It has two stories and the entire upper roof is removable as shown also in photos.  It does have paint missing being old as with all older pieces however it remains a charming piece for any Train Station display.  The doors I showed open and close and have a tiny little turn to lock them as shown in my photos also. I am not a train person so you have any other questions I am more then pleased to answer them for you.  I added lots of close up photos for your viewing and decide if this might be good for you. My photos are always part of my description.

Measures: 8 3/4" Tall by 23" long by 7 1/4" deep.    Price:  $188.


Toys/MinionsLot.    Wonderful fun loving Lot of Minions .. Dave, Stuart and Kevin and the 3 larger are talking and moving ones- And, Stuart & Dave dance and interact and Kevin talks and says the word Banana and more as you push his stomach and move his head--.  The little minions I am giving Free with the purchase.  Its a SUPER GREAT deal for your little one during the Holidays which will be soon approaching us.  They have been played with however gentle played with and well taken care of. They remain in very good condition and work excellent. Some have minor-minor scratches however they remain very clean and I know you will be very pleased.

     Each of the 3 larger ones work very well and talk and move their arms and each is much fun for you to interact with your children.  They are funny and cute and you will truly have fun at any age watching them and hearing them.  The batteries will not be included and I bought them about a year ago.  They come without boxes and I will wrap them with care as always.  I am selling them cheap and you get all the little ones Free including the light up little candy dispenser you see in my photos. Please email me for questions.  I have a video of them moving and talking however I am not sure if allowed however Please email me and I can send you the link to show them moving and talking.. each one does.

Price: 78.88   Measures:  Dave, Stuart and Kevin from 8" to 9" tall.       Just Sold


#LionelTrans/Toys.     Lionel Transformer still in the original box.


#LITHO.PG.TOYS.  Antique French Lithograph Game in original box.  The workmanship on this is gorgeous as shown and its amazing how they made games long ago compared to now a days.  This is in the Original Box and comes with wood round playing pieces as shown for playing the game.  Each card shown is in vivid colours and truly superb in the making.   The details are intricate and its so beautiful just to have this and view all the details.  The Litho you see on the inside of the top of the box can easily be made into a picture for your wall if you care to display it this way.  The box is made of some kind of wood as well and tattered which is only natural due to age.  It looks to be some of the wood playing pieces are missing however there is sufficient amount shown and this again is only natural due to age.  Its amazing how this was kept and truly a lasting antique French treasure to add to your collections.  Please see all my large photos. 



Toys.  Pg1.    Wonderful pair of vintage train tunnels in vivid colours as shown.  There is 4 pcs. in which each go together to make a pair total as shown. 

Price:   $ 29.00


Antique Large European Airplane, this is hand made and really a special airplane for anyone who collects such.  The Antique European Airplane has writing which you can read ... on it as perhaps it was once entered into a contest.. it seems to have places where this special plane traveled written on the tail... as shown... it remains in good condition and someone really took the time to hand make this entire piece.  Its made of heavy cardboard and the long wide wings are made of some type of thinner see thru paper... it held up very well with its construction, through all the years... and waiting now for a new owner.. 

Price:  185.


 Please come back soon as more Toys will be listed on this page.