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#Fr.AubussonDr.Bro.  Gorgeous French Antique circa 1940's Aubusson Rug in gorgeous colours of beige, terra cotta, coffee, and so many more to match just about everything.  This is a larger size and with your furniture it would portray an array of beauty having a rich appearance.  It remains in wonderful condition other then spots as shown in my photos otherwise it remains a good texture and NO rips.. just the spotting where one walked.. When on your floor one hardly notices it however you decide. 

In many photos I have showed  the edges tucked under as my area was smaller and I tuck under the edges or you can use the entire Aubusson if you desire.   However, in many other photos I show the entire Aubusson in full view...

Note:  Dirtiness to areas as shown as there are many spots surrounding this Aubusson.  I showed up close photos of the spots for you to decide however you can use it as I did like this --or you can easily have it cleaned.  It presents itself Beautiful on ones floor and certainly would adorn any room you choose to place this in.   The colours are very warm and charming being a rich deep rusty as I see it... in addition to the center with gold's creams , tan, black, cream and more/etc.  Please see all my photos. 


Measures:  14 ' 3.5 " by 10' 2"   Please see my tape measure on Aubusson for size also..

Price:  2,600




#RT. Gorgeous Fall Colors in this French antique Tapestry and filled with beautiful detailed  figures & scenes- in addition to the beauty of the colors of fall.  Pocket rod loops at backside already for easy hanging. 

Measures:   63" Wide by 33"                            Price:  270   




1.      Hand Painted and quality Antique Tapestry French c. 1700's colors or rich burgundy reds, beiges, creams, greens, Stunning appearance. Opening at center base due to -- it went around something however, its all finished off beautiful. Large in size as well for Stunning appearance on your walls.  Add a rod to upper and hang-- Lined at backside.. Vivid colors and high quality.

Measurements:  8 ft 2 inches Tall by 5 ft 11 inches Wide.     $  4,700     on hold   Layaway




Pg.Tapestries/brown/pinkAubusson.   Gorgeous Antique French Circa late 1800's very early 1900's Aubusson.   This Antique French Aubusson is gorgeous and the colours remain vibrant as well.  There are slits  through-out however these can easily be mended by an professional.   note:   the slits are merely where they were weaved together and the threads have come out and this can be easily stitched back again in all these areas.   There are many areas.

  The colours remain good and strong and show up beautiful as shown in my photos.  The colours are muted pinks, rose, browns, greens, beige, soft muted terra cotta as shown in photos. 

Note: if you see the brown edges I have them tucked under to accommodate my room size however you can fold them back outward if you need to.

Measurements:     15 ft 6 inches by 11 ft 6 inches.    Price:  6,200



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