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ReligiousSunburstPg1.     French Antique Gold Gilt / Gild Sunburst Crown Halo for Santos or Madonna or Saint Statue.  Truly gorgeous in the making and rich in appearance to be placed behind your Saint Statue Madonna Santos.  The interior once held something by its previous owner due to the fact of the way it was cut as shown.  However, you may wish to use it and add your Reliquary to this inside or use the added free insert I had cut to place over this area. You may wish also to paint the added cut section I am giving free or perhaps place a beautiful piece of gold fabric over this area.  This is truly a warmth and charming treasure. It can also be used as a mirror if you wish to add your own mirror inside and you can hang it being the inside is all wood.. The entire piece is wood and the carved...In addition, a minut repair at upper tip to keep its beauty throughout centuries to come.  Each Sunburst section is carved as shown and then placed piece by piece together making this magnificent piece.

Measures  37" Tall by 26 1/2" wide..... The interior wood area is 21" Tall by 11" Wide. 


Religious1/Crown.   33" Tall Magnificent Antique French Crown / Halo  circa 1800's.  This piece is outstanding in appearance and all wood and can be used for many things such as Around your Saint or Madonna  Santos statues, or perhaps above your bed to a rich appearance, or add some fabric to it.  It will adorn any wall you place this on.Or, another idea might be you place it around your bathroom bedroom mirror One can also surround the interior with beautiful picture frames or framed mirrors.. There is so much one can do with this beauty.  Its  hand crafted and gold gilding is surrounding it as shown... This is one of the largest I have ever come across in my overseas travels.  The pointers are long and one being the largest to approx. 11.5"  with some being curved adding a gorgeous appearance to them and some being straighter. It has repairs which is wonderful to keep its appearance to last a lifetime.

 It comes apart as shown and can be placed together easily with wooden pegs which at one time were added later for transporting from one church to another. . You may wish to glue in the other side of the pegs once you easily join them together as shown in my photos.  Its amazing and appears to be hand made as shown. If you wish to secure the wooden pegs after you glue them you might wish to add another support at backside with brass holders which I will send you Free when packed.  Its a Breathtaking antique piece to treasure and one to admire daily.  The larger wooden pegs you see on the interior base must have been used to push into her head or for securing reason which I have no idea... however you may wish to add antique tassels to these to hang downward giving a great appearance to it more or just remove these larger pegs.  Again, its large and extremely difficult to come by one like this due to its size which is Rich and Gorgeous. Photos are always part of my description.

 Measures: 32" wide by 33" Tall.     $ 1,588


Rel1/Reliquerylg.  Outstanding and so Magnificent Antique French Huge Reliquary Stand in Gold Gilt.  This antique French Tall Gilt Gold Reliquary Stand is tall and has a good size opening through the frontside to add your Reliquary piece--the backside is closed up and nailed on. This piece is truly Breathtaking and surely will adorn any room, table or wherever you choose to place this beauty.  It could also be placed on your floor if you prefer and if you notice on top it has a place for your candle as shown. It appears to be totally restored as their is old worn holes at back as shown and the gold gift is thick and the most beautiful I have seen.  It was professionally restored Magnificently. Someone took their time and did this in the most gorgeous way as shown in my photos.  Its very rich in appearance and is of very high quality and made of wood.                         Price:      $ 1,588

Measures:  31" tall including the candle holder by 13.5" Wide at the base & 7.5" deep at the base.  The opening area is 5" tall by 3" wide and 1" deep.


Rel/MadonnaPorcelaine.   Signed .. Outstanding French Antique Hand Painted Enamel of Saint  ...  /    Madonna with Angels on Terracotta Hold Water Font.  This piece is amazing in intricate details and the hand painted Madonna  is Magnificent in details--amazing how one could do such delicate workmanship in such tiny details. This is signed and certainly a piece to treasure so rare. The colour of  cobalt blue in her gown is brilliant in colour with the contrast of the gold colour surroundings. Ribbons adorn each side of the arch having tiny hand carvings of flowers going upward.  The gold metal holy water cup is removable as shown having more hand carvings of flowers on above sides at center with carvings of scrolls below-- shown . My photos are always part of my description.   The insert is also removable as shown in photos.  There are three tiny intricately hand painted angels / putti's  below which are amazing as well. Please see all my photos in large sizes.  There is a hook at upper and ready to display or one can lie it on their table. It does have its knicks, scratches and small openings as shown in photos however it remains the most gorgeous piece one could have and treasure being a rarity in its own.

The frame is:  10.25" tall by 5" wide.   The porcelain terracotta is 4 5/8 " Tall by 1 7/7" wide.   $ 600


SaintUnknown.   Magnificent late 1800's Antique Gold Gilt Saint holding Challis and upper being adorned with Antique French wood Chandelier.  She is Gorgeous in appearance and quality having been hand carved with the back side hollowed out being she has been hand carved by a single piece of wood.  I had the upper Antique French Wood Chandelier attached to her for lighting and it is truly Gorgeous. She is heavy being made from wood and would need to be shipped by a carrier in which I would be more then happy to help you with.  Her one hand is removable as this is the way they were carved and inserted in the making. Her coloring is a dull gilt gold due to age having losses of gilt all over however, extremely charming in appearance.  Her face is very real like with much expression as shown.

The French antique chandelier in wood has all the original wiring except I had a new cord and plug attached by a professional electrician--it also takes the European light bulbs with the wider base which are very easy to obtain anywhere. (My bulbs do not come with this)  She is very useful having the upper lights as she can now be used for lighting up any hall or room by merely plugging here cord into a socket.  A Fabulous addition to anyone's home.

Keep in mind due to age from the 1800's, this has old wormholes, nicks, scratches, wood openings as with all antiques being so old. I am not sure which Saint - St,  this is nevertheless, she is lovely and certainly adorn any home with attractiveness.

Measures:  43.5" tall without chandelier and 52 3/4" Tall to top of chandelier bulb covers.  21" Wide from hand to shoulder at widest area. Base is 7" deep by 18.5" Wide and the Chandelier is 17.5" in Diameter and the challis is 8" Tall.    Price:  $2,900

Relig/Pg1RareMadonna.    Very Rare Life-like  Antique European Madonna Circa late 1700's - Such beauty in every hand carved detail.  Gorgeous all original Linen and cotton clothing including her mohair original long lockets of hair.  She comes apart as shown and is attached at the center waist  with  a  wide wooden attached peg  as shown, Her arms can be removed also however I did not do this but showed through the opening the wooden pegs in which they are held by. She is totally intricately hand carved in wood. 

Her clothing consists of a underneath cotton wrap and covers both upper and lower, then layered again with a very thick linen wrap at lower.  This is all original and has remained as such.  The gold metallic you see is mine and will come with this as well- it was purchased separately however,  ( I will give it to the buyer Free with purchase)

The Rich deep burgundy crown is all hand made having gold motifs surroundings a and hand done stitching  and is all original also to this piece--all had made with time consuming hours. She is exceptionally rare in the findings and was purchased by a private individual in Europe.

Her hand carved intricate face is breath taking in viewing with such glorious details when carved. The daintiness carving in her face were done in such a graceful manner. Photos speak for themselves.

Measures:             Sale  Pending.  


Relig/Pg1Heart.   Outstanding Bronze circa 1890 large French Antique Sacred Heart & Cloud Burst Wall Hanging.  This piece is beautiful having a large size double heart at center in addition to the cross at upper.  It is made of bronze and remains in wonderful condition as shown.  It has hanging holes surrounding so one can attach to your wall or perhaps a lovely piece of velvet  behind it--of your choice of colour --to match your room.  Its amazing in appearance and the entire piece having the appearance of sunbursts at edges as shown. Small indentations in right side of heart as shown due to age however extremely minor.  This would be gorgeous behind one of your religious statues but anywhere you choose to display this at------It would be Magnificent as it is a piece of a beauty with quality.

Measures:    20.25" Wide by 12.5" The left heart is 4" by 4.25" to show & give you an idea how large the Left heart is.   Price:  $ 1,250.


Reli/Ciel/Silver/Lg.    An Extraordinary Silver Antique French Ciel de Lit Circa 1870's and is So Gorgeous!!!!  This piece is Rare and its stunning to use for a Ciel de Lit over your bed or Over your Religious Statues or any other piece.  Its Silver and having the Initials  H.I.S. at upper center as shown in addition to the Silver Cross.  Its honestly Magnificent in the making.  The Silver is mounted on thick wood in addition to attaching it--which is added by myself to attach to your wall.  The Silver can be shinned even more if you wish and it seems to maintain its shine.  Due to age it has some bends here and there however nothing major...  The center Cross-- notice is bend... but again nothing major... you can be the judge yourself.  The Rich Antique Burgundy Velvet panel is added to the wood and I am giving it Free with this piece. ( the antique velvet French fabric you see has gold metallic at base and some is coming off however again its Free with this piece and can easily sewn.


48.5" Wide (47" Wide if measuring only the wood)

23" Tall (this height does not include the velvet valance)

9.5" Deep

Silk Velvet Valance with Metallic Fringe Measures An Additional 7.75" Tall    $3,600


Pg.Relig.Madonna.   Antique European Madonna Statue circa late 1800's and in solid hand carved wood.  She is beautiful and would adorn anyone's home., office etc.  She has been well taken care of and has been professionally re painted and both arms   ( with attached hands)  replaced to retain its value and quality for centuries ahead.  The piece is heavy and well made.  The colours are gold and a beautiful blue.

Measures:            Price:  $ 585.


Rel/Vases/Pr/Gold.   Outstanding and Gorgeous pair of Antique French Altar Vases having Metal Flower in each. The vases have been untouched as they remain as found and very beautiful with all the hand carvings.  Each is a different size as shown and each having gold gilt applied however due to age much has rubbed off...they remain in there charming manner and just gorgeous to adorn any room with a rich appearance. 

Sale Pending.


Rel.Pg1.CrossGarnets.    Antique French Wood Carved Cross with Reliquary Stations of the Cross inserts.  This Reliquary piece is so wonderful having all the stations of the cross surrounding and hand done inside the cross as shown.  Each stations of the cross having glass over them and some being cracked due to age.. however it does not take away any beauty whatsoever on this gorgeous antique treasure.  This also having two garnets stones opposite one another as shown and in addition to all of this each corner having addition hand carvings as shown.  it does have one minor piece of wood to the upper missing which I showed in many photos however this piece is so beautiful one would never notice it.  Its also a great larger size for any wall you wish to place this gorgeous piece upon.  Please see all my many larger photos for viewing. Please also note that there has been professionally repaired some cracks in the wood also shown both front the back side which is only natural due to age and for one to preserve it for many more years/century's.  Behind each piece of round glass shown there are Roman numerals with the number of the Stations of the Cross as shown in large photos. Circa 1800's

Measures:   36" tall by 20" wide by 1" thick

Price.   $ 1,265


Pg.1Relig./metallic.    Outstanding French Antique  cover / 18th Century.. this is amazing from the late 1700's and having gorgeous Metallic Fringe and Metallic embroidery surrounding this entire piece in addition to the long metallic tassels at the base.  The figures faces are hand crafted in paper representing the Holy Madonna with child and her dress is made of fine silk with sequins  and due to age some being missing with strings still attached as shown... and  fabulous metallic embroidery throughout. The red background fabric is wool and then surrounded with the outstanding Metallic.  The writing is Minutely hand stitched with so much time consuming details.  The Figures are something is see in person being they are hand embroidered with gilt metallic threads.  There is amazing couching throughout as well in addition to all the protruding hand workmanship.  There are metallic altar vases ..  The other figure is made from the same having the words embroidered below of    Charite De Rouge-Perriers. I believe this is a name of a Missionary.  This is an amazing piece and extremely difficult to ever come by..  It does have age related wear to the figures paper faces and due to age it does have fading and small holes throughout however due to the age this is only natural and certainly if you are an collector this would be a treasure for any one of you.  This remains so charming and so rare for that perfect collector of textiles and Religious antiques.

Measures:  70" long by 26" wide                      Price:  1,985.


#2CROSSC.PG.RELI. #2.    Antique European Cross.. Truly amazing and all hand craftsmanship circa 1800's and the cross is solid wood in addition to Christ.  An amazing workmanship surrounding this entire precious intricately carved piece.  Please view all my photos for more details on the workmanship and the beauty.  This could adorn any wall.



#3#CROSSC.PG.RELI. 3rd.    More information coming ..  Antique European  Cross.


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