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Page 2    European Antique Oil Paintings.


St.BurningOilSaint/Pg. Oils.     Antique European Oil Painting on Canvas... circa early 1800's.  and signed at lower corner.    I believe it may have been relined due to the thickness of the canvas... the paint is worn away at the edges.. This is a wonderful and very " moving" Oil painting  with Jesus appearing spiritually in the back ground. This is amazing how the artist portrayed this event.  I believe its the burning of a Saint.. as to which Saint ... I do not know... however, it's heartfelt.  The Saint burns as his head tilts upward towards heaven and having a tall unique crown placed on his head with writing on it. 

Notice also there is something written on the backside of the relined canvas.. ..  Personally it was relined beautiful and to last as the canvas is thick which I mentioned above.  The edges surrounding all sides are tattered.. please see my photos.  

Measures:  26.5" Wide by 39" Tall..


Angels/Chrildren/Lady/Pg. Oils.       French Antique Oil Painting on Canvas and then mounting on wood.  She has 2 small holes in the upper center.... the edges are torn and frayed and tattered.... Please view all my photos.   She has a square "U" shaped slit in the upper right corner..   There are scratches on the lower putti's wings... she plays the Harpsichord/ piano as her children surround her lovingly. 

Measures:  32.75" Wide by 41" Tall. 


#5of5OILANGELS.   Antique French Oil on Canvas Tall Angel.  From the turn of the Century...   This is outstanding and I have several of different special Oils on Canvas Angels listed here and each sold separately.. this one is the 5th Very Special Antique French Angel in Oil on Canvas and she is done in pastels and remains just loving and beautiful as she is.  Her wings are special how they were curved and sideways as she stands sideways as well.  She is tattered here and there however she remains gorgeous in everyway and with charm from age. Her frame is hand made and arched special for the effect on the upper. 

Measures:    5 ft 10  3/4 inches Tall by 29.5 inches wide             Price:   $   2,250  



Oils, Nobleman.       French Antique Oil on canvas of a nobleman with crest.  This is absolute a wonderful Antique Oil on canvas of a prestigious nobleman as shown having the large crest at upper as shown also.  I see no signature and I showed many photos of everything on this wonderful antique French oil.  The canvas is thick and looks to be relined and it is strong as well.  This nobleman poses bold and strong and surely would enhance and make a rich appearance on any wall.  There are NO tears, NO holes in the canvas and it is truly a exquisite Oil to add to your collection.   His clothing is surely to be admired with all the lace he as shown and how it was painted so beautiful in intricate details --in addition to the buttons and wide cuffs on his sleeve.   His hand is something again -- in which he poses with his arm held tightly to against his waist-- as he shows off his expensive ring of honor and loyalty.   More photos coming on the backside soon and sides for your viewing.  Circa 1800's.

Measures:        26   3/4"   wide by   34   1/8"  tall


Price:      $  2,900   SALE PENDING. 




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