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Wonderful Older Musical Instrument and easy to play.  The exterior is all wood having wonderful set of keys for playing.  The top is hinged as shown and I will attach it back as I removed the screws when I had it shipped to me.  I do not know how to play this instrument and I do not know anything about it.  I bought it when traveling in France at one of their markets.  I hope someone can find much fun with it and know how to play it.. it seems pretty easy however, I do not know.. It has minor scrapes here and there as shown however really nothing to even speak about..  I will pack it extra well for much protection for the lucky buyer. 





#GC.  Rare Georges Chanot Antique Violin. 

Please feel free to email me for questions anytime.

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 #VBow.  Antique Violin Bow with Mother of Pearl.  Have several Antique Bows...and will be listing also soon

Measures:            Price:.

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