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AuthenticLVPurse.      Authenticated by Carole Diva:        Authentic Louie Vuitton Damier Azur Galliera PM Shoulder Bag Handbag Purse.  Leather trimmings as shown and large strong signed Louis Vuitton rings for strength.  Brass logo in front making it a showpiece. Interior is dirty, pen markings etc as shown. The number is shown on the inside which is inside the smaller pocket & I took photos of it in addition to many other large photos for your viewing & part of my description. It has a minor minor looks to me like a slice however one can barely see it unless one looks hard.. I photographed it for you... on the very base.. however look at the photo of the entire base and it cannot be noticed and does not hard to this beauty.    Its a wonderful handbag however, I recently bought it online and its a little large for me seeing I don't have much to place inside of it as well.  In addition, the brass hardware on this LV purse is stunning.

Its really one of LV most beautiful handbag and ready for someone to treasure it. I also had it Authenticated.  I took larger photos so please see them and treat yourself for the Holidays or treat yourself just because you are beautiful and deserve it... you will love it if its the right size for you. I actually am too petite, short for this however many are not like me and I know you would admire it as you walk around town or work or shopping. Its large inside and you can add tons of stuff.  Buy it yourself and enjoy it daily... you honestly deserve it..

Measures: 5" at base from leather piping to other leather piping.  19" Wide measuring at widest from leather piping to opposite leather piping And, if I measure at upper part of purse from where rings are at it is 15.5 Wide..... .And, 14" measuring at side from lower piping to very top leather..  And, 12"  handle drop but adjustable..The area your arm goes through.  I took many measurements for your viewing so you figure if its great for you... Write me please for any other information.  This was Authenticated by Carole Diva.       Price:  550.



Louis Vuitton Inserts/    This is # 1 of several I will be selling.  Regarding # 1 Louis Vuitton Trunk Tray -- this is made of Wood and Fabric having interior compartments as shown. The one larger inserts having side compartments with lids can be removed as shown---- Even if you don't have any Louis Vuitton Trunks or suitcases this would be great to use for your personal things.  It remains in good condition for its age. The age is about 1900.  My photos are part of my description please see them all. 

Measures:   38"  Wide  by 19"  Deep  by 8.5"  Tall          JUST   SOLD  



# 2,3,4- Louis Vuitton Insert.     Louis Vuitton  Antique Trunk Inserts.  In this lot you are getting 3 large size wonderful  Antique Original Louis Vuitton Inserts.  My photos are part of my description -- please see all photos as these are age appropriate condition--please click and use the zoom feature for ware.   # 2 has a little compartment inside the insert as shown.  Notice the straps having the Louis Vuitton Logo on the inserts in photos shown however the # 2 only having the handles with no straps on inside as shown in photos.  If you do not see a number on the item in photos it will not come with this set.... ONLY number 2, 3, and 4  are being sold in this lot.  All of these are made with Wood and cloth.  A great set  in this lot.  They remain in their Original antique condition.  Please see all photos.

Measures:    # 2.... 30" by 16.75" by 4.25"

                    # 3......38" by 21.5" by 4.75"

                    #4.....   38" by 21.5" by 4.75"                just sold


#5, 6,  Louis Vuitton Insert.       Louis Vuitton Antique Trunk Inserts.   In this lot you are getting 4 pieces of Original LV Inserts.   Numbers 7 and 8 having leather for the pull out tab and these do not go inside the larger pieces shown-- they are separate pieces and go with Louis Vuitton Trunk for the pull out drawers... The other insert are numbers 5 and 6 are larger size inserts and have the red and white stripe fabric on each which are all Original. These are being sold as is in all Original condition as found and  are age appropriate condition.  They have tears, scratches, openings etc... My photos are part of my description.. please make sure to use the Zoom view for seeing all pieces-and click on thumbnails please.

Measures:  #5 is 38" by 18 3/8"  4.5"    and # 6 is 32" by 19" by 8"        SOLD


LV7,8.    Antique Authentic Louis Vuitton Drawer Inserts... Total of 2 pieces having Louis Vuitton Leather tab at front of each for pulling out drawers and names on each leather tab with brass rivits signed as shown.. the one shown on the interior having torn linen due to age and on the side the Vuittonite is removed/gone -- Photos are part of my description always.   Just Sold.. # 7 is 20" Wide by 10" deep by 8.5" Tall and # 8 is 20" Wide by 10" Deep by 7" Tall.           sold



LV/BlackCar/Pg.Luggage.   This Authentic Antique French Louis Vuitton Car  Automobile Luggage / Trunk /  Suitcase  is wonderful  and a rare find...The size is so great in addition to the stamping on the brass nail heads and lock. Super great find and rare to come by having linen lined interior in addition to the Original Label still being attached in red as shown and also the Original number stamped next to the label.  The interior being soiled due to age and exterior tattered.. Circa early 1920's and is age appropriate.   the bottom having wood and remains in beautiful condition being the wood is strong.  This is a wonderful French Antique treasure and certainly something highly unique. 

This is a Fabulous piece when all polish up and all the brass highly shined..   A piece to make a strong statement anywhere you choose to place it yet so useable.

  Price:  # 3,500

Measures Approx:  29" Wide , 12" Deep, 8.25" TALL                                                       SOLD



Moynat/Pg.Lug.   Gorgeous Antique French Moynat "Damier" affect /  Checked Trunk having the entire interior lined in rich gold and ivory chenille  brocade fabric and  trimmings surroundings.  This remains in beautiful condition for its age and then entire inside is all lined giving it a very rich appearance in any room when opened.. You can store anything inside and anything intricate and delicate being the lining is thick for protection.  I have many of my antique French clothing inside as you can see which will NOT come with this gorgeous piece.

     The locks are brass as shown and each side is a different as shown in my photos also-- each have been changed out.   The sides having thick leather straps for holding and the entire piece is leather with wood and thick leather banding.  It would surely adorn any place in your home.  The appearance is much better then my photos as the leather is rich and the cheeked area is lighter and then deeper in colour to truly make a rich appearance.  The locks have been changed out  and see locks in photos as I have made them very large...however.. the Original Moynat brackets that hold the side leather straps are still present.. total of 4.   It has  a rich appearance to the checked leather and someone lined the entire interior. 

   Below are addition photos of everything taking out and it gives surely a gorgeous outstanding appearance.  The Original MOYNAT round metal logo remains as shown and even the bottom remains lovely for its age.  This is truly a gorgeous antique to adorn your room and its clean and ready to use.  The upper top having the name "Paris" and sides with leather straps with name also. 

I purchased it lined as shown and when I opened up the upper interior I could feel something thicker inside the fabric.. I think it could be the Original pocket that these antique trucks had in the upper interior lid. Its a beautiful well taken care of antique Moynat  Trunk / luggage.

Measures:      30" WIDE, 21" TALL, 20" DEEP                                                Price: 3,980



#MCMSM.   Great looking MCM luggage / over night bag / small carry on and great for your special trip.  This is large enough to hold your computer--please see my photos for added description.  There are opening as shown in photos --please see along base and sides. Strong handle and straps on interior to hold items. Please note damages along edges-- Gives a nice appearance even with its damages and still can be used.  Strong zipper and original label on interior. Notice the wire metal coming out on the surrounding /bottom.



MCMWALLET.    Great MCM wallet having zipper for holding in all your money. 



#SMLUGLOUISV.    Authentic Vintage Louis Vuitton Suitcase with Original Label on interior.



#GUCCILG.  Authentic Vintage GUCCI Suitcase in larger size and remains in wonderful condition.  I added many huge photos below for your viewing on this Classy Original Gucci Suitcase in which remains beautiful having the zipper working excellent in addition to the lock and handle.  The interior remains with its original coton holding clothing straps having the Original GUCCI logo up and down on all straps and gold buckle for strapping all your clothing down for traveling. You will surely walk in style with this beauty and if you prefer not to then you can add it to your Display collection/s to have many admirers viewing it when they visit you.  The GUCCI suitcase is large enough to accommodate much and the handle is sturdy as well.  It also has the Original lock and Original key and Original tag and Original label in front for your name to slide into, in addition to the Original Key Holder as shown.  The Original straps for belting remain very good other then several of the openings of the holes are a bit larger now due to strapping... similar to a belt hole as some are larger from stretching..  .. The handle remains wonderful and strong  and the appearance remains Beautiful as shown ... It would surely make a great display yet so useful to store extras inside when needed.  It also displays a statement no matter where you place it at or travel with it at.  Serial num:   62-010-523

Measures:         30" by 18" by 8"              Price:   885. ... Offers Accepted.