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#AR.  Exquisite Diamond & Tanzanite Platinum Ring. Center stone large Oval Tanzanite surrounded by quality brilliant diamonds. 


#AS.  European scarce Antique Egyptian Scarab broche / Beetle in Silver 925 engraved on Scarab. Manual work c. 1900/1920.  Body is a gorgeous color of Amber. Stamped/engraved on Scarab 925  R  crown  S.   I think their is another marking also however I cannot read it..  Very Beautiful condition for its age...   A stunning piece yet so unique and hand done.  It has been well well taken care of and markings are stamped on the pin area...  SOLD.



#RGB.  Antique French Stunning Rose Gold Bracelet in Beautiful condition for its age.  Clasp works perfectly. Minor surface scratch on front which can be easily buffed/polished off.  Bracelet is made with quality.

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FRP.   Antique French Cloisonné' watch.  It does not work but I think it needs to be oiled as it is turned to tight..  Its red Cloisonné' and from the 1800's.  And, its French & opens showing interior along with number on blue-- an additional opening.


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 #AE.  Antique French  Platinum and Diamond/s Ring.  Stunning!!!!   French and circa 1920.



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#AM.  17 Jewels Antique  14K Solid gold bracelet watch .. GORGEOUS !!!! Elegant during the day and evening hours. Made by Apex 17 Jewel Incabloc which is on the dial.  I had it cleaned and because the glass has a small chip I am also going to have it replaced.  Its in perfect running condition & of higher quality.


  #AN.   Outstanding Diamond Necklace in 14k Yellow Gold. Comes with Appraisal. This Stunning Brilliant Diamond Necklace personally belongs to me.  It was given to me as a gift in 1990 however, it is now for sale.  Please Click on each one of these photos below to actually Enlarge Each Photo.  The Appraisal copy is also below for your viewing.  It was appraised  $ 6,265.00, back in 1991. The Diamonds are high Quality.

Price:  $ 4,500

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# MJ. Antique Outstanding Real Lapis and real Gold and Ivory-- In gorgeous condition for its age in addition to all the fine engraving surrounding the lapis bottle. .. Chinese Snuff Bottle.




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