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Pg.Furn1.4pcchrs.   Exceptional French Antique Set of Aubusson Chairs .. Early 1800's and remain in all original condition and sold as found.  Very special and intricate French Antique Aubusson depicting of  precious frolicking children as shown on each chairs. Purchased from a private residence in Southern France.  Extraordinary in details having each chair with a different Childs figure and then being surrounded by swags, foliage and flowers.  The seats consists of dogs, cats, chickens and more.  Each chair is carved in intricate  details and stuffed with original horsehair.. also as shown.  Each chair is gold gild.  As shown each chair having nicks, lose of gilding, plaster, which is beneath the gilding, openings, aubusson's having tears, loss, pulls & more.  (Please see all photos) I added numerous amounts of photos for your viewing on each chair.  These truly are gorgeous and exceptional and one can continue to use as they appear of have them redone.  My photos are part of my description as always.  Please view and make your own decision please.


Price:   $ 15,000. for complete set--5 pc set.

Measurements:  Height 37.25", Seat height is 15.5", Depth of chairs  is 20.75", Width of chairs 24"


Antique Aubusson French Sofa/Settee to match upper chairs.


The Antique French Aubusson sofa remains in beautiful condition for its age as shown in all photos.  The gilt gold could use touch ups however its an outstanding gorgeous piece. The aubusson remains beautiful as shown and matches all the upper chairs shown here.  It remains with all its original Aubusson and stuffing.  The wood remains strong and again this set is Breathtaking. !!!!

Measurements of Sofa/Settee:  68" Wide by 23.5" deep by 38.5" Tall and 15.5" from seat to floor. 


Pg.Furn1.AubussSettee.     Gorgeous Antique French Aubusson Settee / sofa with down pillow and silk.  Circa 1800's.   A stunning French Antique Aubusson Settee in gorgeous colours and truly rich appearance to enhance any room.  This piece is so great with the size as one can place it anywhere to bring more charm and warmth and surround it with more French accents.  The colours are warm and the French Aubusson remains in wonderful condition due to its age.  The lining as shown in French Antique Green Silk is worn which is only natural and more charming and if you prefer you can have this area reupholstered however one would not notice it being the large fluffy down French Aubusson cushion that goes over this area.  The hand carved ornate frame is stunning and in the warm colours of greens as shown and having some repairs on the frame.  On the backside it it lined in rich velvet which has several  smaller slits due to age.  The settee is also unusual having five legs as shown which are made more study and with quality.  A very gorgeous antique coming out a noble chateau in France. The aubusson due to age does have some stains as shown on the left arm and to the lower base...

Measures: 49 .25" wide from arm to arm.. 32 1/2" tall at backside and 17" from floor to seating.  32" deep.

Price: $ 5,000


#SOFA.PG.FURN.      Gorgeous Antique French Settee / sofa / 2 seat circa late 1800's.   I purchased this directly in Paris and I actually purchased it for myself and had it totally re-upholstered when it arrived back home to me.  The fabric I used is also Antique French Fine Silk Fabric in which I also bought in France and the colour is cream like.  I never sat on it.. as I wanted it only for looks and recently had this all done for myself -- about 3 months ago.   My fabric is also circa 1800's.  Its exquisite as you can tell by my photos and its strong and make a stunning rich appearance as you can see.  I am re-doing my room now and selling many of my fine personal antiques.  My chair you see I am keeping... I had it done also in the same antique French fabric but I am keeping my chair however, I showed it so you see the luxury in the antique French fabric I choose.  I had the scallops placed surrounding the base on all sides and back and front also to make it truly more exquisite.  The wood is all Original in the same colour of gold as I bought it as it is like a washed gold being antique.    I had all the joints re-done to make each stronger and solid.  Its a fine gorgeous antique and you can use it anywhere as the size is perfect for any place you desire. My pillows do NOT come with this--you are purchasing the Antique French Settee / sofa only.

Measures:    Floor to seat is 17" tall...  total height is 34.5" tall..  The depth is 31" deep.  49.5" in width at widest.    Price:    2,500



KNOBPG.FURN.   Wonderful and Unique Antique French pr. of Gnomes Fireplace set.   Each is heavy and made of iron on the backside and bronze on the front side.  Their eyes are hollow so one can view through them making them special.  There is a loop/hook shown below their nose for you to use a rod if you prefer one-----or you could use them just as they are.  If you wish to use resting on a table for something different -- you might want to place a rod over this hook on each Gnome and then place a small tapestry hanging from it.  You could use these for many purposes--- another idea might be for one to use inside your  bathroom using one of your own ornate rods and place beneath their noses on the hooks shown and then place a decorative towel on this rod.  The are in beautiful condition and I know someone would truly treasure them. 

Measures:                                     Price:    $ 300.

PE117. Outstanding  George III English Bookcase with drop front desk from the 1800's. Outstanding quality  and workmanship in this entire antique having upper two doors and each shelf is numbered in porcelain.  Four addition drawers at center along with 2 more longer ones--each with locks.  The drop front desk area having lots of room  on interior however, the interior needs work done to it. This does come with keys for locking.  Below this drop down area--are additional drawers having 6  Drawers total.  At base is another longer drawer for even more space.  Does need some work done to this Beauty. This is of High Quality and an exceptional well made piece.  Due to needing repairs--it is priced such however, the value would be well worth much more when repaired. Please email me for any questions on this piece. Glazed Glass on Upper Doors with Porcelain numbers on interior.

Repairs needed that I see are as such:  The entire interior is missing all the pigeon holes--however you might want it left like this as there is so much more room for paperwork, phone, computer, calculator etc. also the right hand side needs repair at the very upper... photos coming soon on this area. 

Measures:  8' Tall, Base is 19" Deep and Upper is 12" Deep,  & 55" Wide

Price:  $ 3,800

bookcaseg.jpg (61489 bytes)   bookcase2.jpg (54499 bytes)  bookcase3.jpg (50320 bytes)  bookcase4.jpg (52757 bytes)   bookcase5.jpg (41583 bytes)  

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