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Silver/Clock.  Vintage Ornate European Wall Clock. This is a beautiful Vintage clock in addition to all the ornate silver colored metal used in the making.  It has the long chains attached to hold the weights and the bell which is shown on top.  I have no weights or pendulum to it however can be purchased on ebay at a low price. I noticed the thin silver covered metal is wrapped around the front part hard substance. I don't know if its actually silver per say or just appears to be but it is metal.  I hope I explained this well as I am not a clock person per say--selling as is.   This works with weights and a Pendulum which are both missing. Its also a nice size for many walls and still makes a nice appearance.

11" tall by 9" Wide.  Price:  $ 225.  Free shipping.



F48.  The Exquisite Red Tortoise Shell Dial Case "Cartel" in French has a dial surrounding with jewels,  It has an escape carrier and a rotary balance wheel and period estimated  c. 1870 around or about.  There is no chime to this exceptional clock that is why it makes it a fine Rare Exceptional and Rarest clock. 

Measures:                           Price: $ 9,200              

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